2nd new Sony 35" Trinitron with screen discoloration.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Derrik Draven, Jan 31, 2002.

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    I purchased a 35" Trinitron mid December and noticed after a couple weeks 4 areas on the screen that had "faded" out. Each area was in each corner of the screen. The brighter the info being shown on screen would make these areas show up even more noticeably.

    The discoloration areas appeared as though they would make a complete circle within the screen if they were bright enough all the way around.

    Well, since it was still under warranty, I had a tech come out and look at it. He thought that prehaps it would need de-gaussed or that maybe my Def Tech 2004tl's were too close to the screen, causing magnetic distortion. Well, he took a quick look and said that we should just get a new unit here. He thought that maybe I bumped it when I moved it into the house and messed up the shadow mask.

    New tv arrived a couple days later while I was at work. Got home, turned it on and, Bingo...same faded out areas except not quite as noticeable on this tv.

    So, another shadow mask messed up? In the exact same way?

    These spots are the same whether I just watch cable tv, which is straight in from the wall, or if I pop in a DVD into my Xbox or PS2, which run through a receiver.

    I thought maybe some of the cables hanging in the back of the tv could be inducing a distortion but, like I said, these discolorations are there even if all my equipment is off and I'm just simply watching the tv with the cable input from the wall.

    Any ideas guys? Guess I'm going to have to call and have yet another Trinitron brought to my house. I suppose it's possible that there was a bad shipment of Trinitrons and my area Circuit Shitty got them all.
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    Have you considered magnetic distortion and discoloration due to the surrounding environment? Move the TV to a new physical location and let it run there for a day or so, and see if the discoloration begins to fade. There may be some magnetic interference that is not overtly obvious.

    If the new unit gave you the same shape discoloration, then it very well may be something in your home causing the problem.

    Good luck with everything,


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