1. S

    I have an Onkyo receiver connected to a Samsung smart TV via ARC.

    Sound for is great for cable but will not play Amazon, Youtube etc through receiver on the different inputs. I'm sure its probably a simple solution but I haven't figured it out yet. Help?
  2. R

    For Sale: LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector

    Here is my LG HU80KA XPR UHD Laser DLP Home Theater Projector I have decided to sell. Its in good condition, fully functional. There is a small scratch on the casing from installation on the side. Originally purchased and received new on July 2018. Asking $1500 shipped and insured or best...
  3. T

    LG Smart TV Bluetooth

    My LG smart tv audio breaks up and disconnects from my bluetooth headphones that work fine with my iPad. Any suggestions would be appreciated?
  4. Demonyx

    TCL 65R617 55" 4K Smart LED TV (horizontal lines issue)

    tl;dr I am having horizontal lines appear on start up, shut down, when I adjust the volume, or change inputs. SETUP: Devices TCL 65R617 55" 4K Smart LED TV (2018) Denon AVRS730H 7.2 Channel AV Receiver Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Roku Streaming Stick+ Speakers (7.1) 2 Floor...
  5. tanaleaf

    Please recommend good but basic smart blu-ray player

    My old Sony “smart” player must be getting old. It keeps dropping the connection (in ways my other WiFi devices do not). SuddenIy I sometimes can’t get five or ten minutes through streaming without it crashing, and having to start over. So maybe it’s time for a new one? I don’t need 4K or 3D or...
  6. D

    First smart TV set up

    So I just bought a new tcl 55 inch 6 Series and with my old TV I ran everything through my 5.1 receiver, so now when I use my smart TV apps only the TV speakers work obviously . So question is, is it best to run everything through the TV and then run audio to the receiver is is there a way to...
  7. MarthaB

    Best Cinema Smart TV?

    Hello! Any brand recommendations of smart tvs for our home theater???? So far my options are Evervue and Samsung? Any thoughts? Also tvs that are cheaper but with great quality. Thanks.
  8. dpippel

    SOLD: SONOS ONE Wifi Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa - LIKE BRAND NEW

    ** SOLD **
  9. davis.js

    Dolby Atmos - audio file not supported (new Smart TV) ??

    I have recently purchased a brand new 65 inch ULED 4K TV (Hisense), and was surprised when attempting to play a 4K movie from my external hard drive connected to the TV, that the audio file was not supported. It's an mkv file, and it's in Dolby Atmos format. I have an Onkyo Dolby Atmos AV...
  10. E

    Help connecting Smart Tv w/ AVR

    Hello folks, I am not a newbie but this is not necessarily my thing. I have a Vizio Smart TV D39h-D0 connected to an Onkyo HT-R560 with Verizon Fios. The problem I am having is that I can obtain picture & audio to the tv via the AVR but I cannot get audio via the Smart Tv (youtube is what I...
  11. Christian T Lee

    Smart TV Streaming UltraViolet in Canada alternatives?

    Hi All So here in Canada our ability to stream UV titles on Smart TV’s has become next to nonexistent. Apparently CinemaNow has shut their doors for Canada, Flixster closed up shop on Smart TV’s in Canada a while ago and VUDU is not valuable unless you resort to a VPN alternative. The whole...
  12. McWatt

    Harmony Smart Control to New X1 Cable Box (AX014ANM)

    I recently bought a Harmony Smart Control (remote + hub). I have not been able to get it to connect to my Xfinity X1 cable box, which is brand new. The model # of the box is AX014ANM, and I believe the manufacturer is Assis. Harmony does not recognize the model number (only an earlier one...
  13. Alf S

    Educate me on hooking up ARC from smart TV to A/V receiver

    Ok, for most A/V things I'm pretty savvy and can get things up and running fairly easily. But this whole "ARC" set up stuff is tripping me up. My Pioneer VSX-1022 has ARC and my new TCL 4K Roku TV (TCL 55US57) has ARC but I'm having issues with how to get all sound to feed correctly into the...
  14. Scott Hart

    Samsung Smart TV Security Flaws

    Scott Hart Samsung Smart TV Security Flaws The operating system on Samsung smart devices, Tizen, runs products like TVs, smartwatches and the Galaxy Z lineup. Samsung is (was) seeking to expand the Tizen offerings to more products and more markets. However, all may not be well the Tizen...