1. Alf S

    Nintendo Switch gamepad protective case??

    Our Switch arrived yesterday and I'm already very nervous about the day to day use of it by a 9 year old. That tiny slippery little handheld gamepad is just SCREAMING "DROP ME!!". At least with our Wii U we could buy a silicone jacket for the gamepad. Sure it wasn't the BEST protection, but it...
  2. DaveF

    Super Mario Run

    Having not played a Nintendo console for ten years or so, I was hopeful Super Mario Run would be a good game to way to indulge a bit in Mario. Unfortunately for me, it requires internet access: Not a problem for most...
  3. laser

    Nintendo NX is now Switch (Official thread)

    It's a handheld-home console hybrid with cartridges! Potential specs (Nvidia Tegra):
  4. LeoA

    Nintendo Classic Mini announced

    It's about time that Nintendo enters this market. Hopefully a Super Nintendo Classic Mini follows in 2017. :)
  5. Todd Erwin

    Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Game Review

  6. mattCR

    Pikmin 3

    Nintendo doesn't get a lot of run, and their WiiU has been an under performer, but Pikmin 3 is really the first major WiiU game that just nails it. Ridiculously fun and addictive, our kids found themselves playing Pikmin at all hours, just trying to figure out how to do new things with their...
  7. Northgun

    Retro Gaming

    In recent days I have been pondering how to make my retro game systems look much better on my 55 inch HD TV. I started doing a lot of digging and found that the first step in converting and up-scaling to HD is making the original signal better. To do this I found the best option is RGB (SCART)...
  8. mattCR

    Nintendo gives a "State of WiiU" address

    Status of WiiU games, what's coming, what's planned.. etc. it's mostly discussion until about the 18 minute mark, where you get to start seeing games. But there is a lot of news here: * Many Gamecube, SNES and WII titles will be upgraded to HD.. with one of the first being "Legend of Zelda...
  9. Steven Simon

    Wii Play... More fun!!!

    Picked up the new Wii Play Remote package today, with the new included game Wii Play... Lot's of fun.... IGN didn't seem to like it, but I think they have it totally wrong...Yes he games are mini, but there are sooo much fun.... The pool game is fantastic... They call it 9 Ball, but I dont think...
  10. RAF

    Wii "Everybody Votes" Channel arrives today (02/14/07)

    Nintendo rolled out a worldwide "polling" channel that promises to have some interesting questions on it. Users can actually submit their own questions for consideration if you think that the questions are a bit too tame. Time will tell how much this user input factors into future questions. The...
  11. Dennis*G

    Wii games for kids

    What is good for 4 year olds on the Wii? They like bowling and golf on sports, and I have Wii play on order, but what else can a 4 year old play that isnt going to frustrate them to much?
  12. RAF

    Wii News Channel arrives

    Last Saturday the Wii News Channel went "live" and it is an interesting addition to an already innovative console. Yes, you can get your news fix from a variety of sources but the fact that it is a couple of clicks away while you are gaming makes it attractive to me. Add to that the fact that...
  13. Chris

    Wii Wario Smoothmoves

    This may be the most maddening game I've played since.. I don't know, maybe Tetris? I've always been addicted to Civilization games, and it's on par with that kind of addiction; but far more like Tetris in the sense that it's so maddeningly mind-puzzle oriented that I find myself walking away...
  14. Greg_R

    Wii Monkeyball

    If you like Wii sports, get the Wii Monkeyball game. It's got 50 party-style games that are a blast to play. There are some sports (racquetball, hammer throw, etc.) but there are also some wacky ones (trombone playing, etc.). There is also the other areas of the game (std. Monkeyball fare)...
  15. CaseyL

    Wii-mote battery life

    What's been everybodys experience with Wii controller battery life? I'm just wrapping up my second set, and I figure it's about 25 hours life. Is that everybody elses experience?
  16. Doug Miller

    Wii Sports (Ups/Downs)

    I'm surprised I didn't see an actual thread for the Wii Sports title, since it's included in the pack. If I missed it, whoops. What do you like/don't like about Wii Sports? What would you change? Personally, I love the games. I've spent more time over the last two days playing that then...
  17. Steven Simon

    Post your Wii #'s here!!!

  18. CaseyL

    Wii Virtual Console & Wii Ware Weekly Release

    I thought it'd be good to have a "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About the Virtual Console but Were Afraid to Ask" Section of this forum, to keep people up to date on what is available, and what's coming soon (and maybe even a little of what we'd like to see). Virtual console seems to...
  19. Patrick Sun

    PS3 vs. Wii
  20. todd stone

    Looking for the Wii? (Update 2/11/07 - Circuit City/Target)

    wii allocations for circuit city on sunday go to enter your zip, select the store and it will tell you your store number. compare with the chart and there you go. Location Wii Quantity 230 24 231 27 232 42 233 24 234 42 235 24 236 15 237 24 238 21 239 24 240 24...
  21. Steven Simon

    Nintendo Wii.....

    Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses. I have been a gamer my entire life. The first system I can remember was the Intelivision and Atari 2600. I Have had almost every game system in existence since then. I grew up on Nintendo, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Brothers etc. Since then we have seen...
  22. todd stone

    *** Official *** Wii 'tips n tricks'

    Figured a tips n tricks section would be kind of cool. Some of these were found by IGN users. 1. Press the home button on the main menu. Next click on the controller image. You can adjust the wii-mote volume and rumble functions 2. Hold a and b down and you can move the windows on the...
  23. Rhoq

    Where's the love for the Wii?!?

    The Wii has been out for 2 days now and no one has posted a thread about Wii software. I'll get the ball rolling with a general "Wii games" thread. Which Wii launch titles did you pick-up and what's been your favorite so far? I bought... 1. Excite Truck 2. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight...
  24. RAF

    Wii component cables and Nunchuks. Anyone have any luck in finding these?

    The title says it all. I have my Wii "bundle" in hand. I even have a second "Wiimote" (included as part of my bundle) but, a little surprisingly, there was no second nunchuk included. Since the retailers were trying to milk every last accessory and game dollar out of these "bundles" (a marketing...
  25. Chris Dias

    Wii Component Cables in Canada?

    Does anyone know if there is any place to get Wii component cable at a store here in Canada? I thought Best Buy was supposed to have them but i couldn't find any. Will I just have to order them online from Nintendo? I think they are already on backorder from them. Any ideas? Chris
  26. Paul Simmons

    Wii: Inside the box!

    The official retail packaging for the Wii, Nov 19 seems to be coming very slowly! taken from here incase the pics don't load: CLICKY!
  27. Don.l

    Wii question and average age

    I am very interested in a wii, but I have a concern that I'm sure many HT enthusiasts have. I am concerned about the Sensor Bar cable length. I plan on putting my Wii console in the back of the room with the rest of my AV equipment in my rack. The distance from the back of the room to the screen...
  28. K

    Wii preorders start tommorow

    I thought I'd just drop a note up here to tell everyone that Gamestop and EBgames will be starting their Wii preorders tommorow at 10AM. I've already talked to both of the stores in my town and it sounds as though the alotments will be light, so if you really want one you will probably want...
  29. DeathStar1

    HTF and WII Press Conference, 9/14

    Anyone here going to be at the press conferance, in NYC, on September 14th? It's rumored the release date, and all the system details will be on hand for this event, as well as 6 hours of playtime for the system...but it's press only. Need a reviewer for the conferance? :)
  30. Rudi

    WWII 1st person shooter AXIS

    I am trying to find a 1st person shooter set in WWII for any platform, PS2, Xbox, PC, that allows you to play the axis side, Germany and Japan. Are there any? Thanks