Wii "Everybody Votes" Channel arrives today (02/14/07)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RAF, Feb 14, 2007.

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    Nintendo rolled out a worldwide "polling" channel that promises to have some interesting questions on it. Users can actually submit their own questions for consideration if you think that the questions are a bit too tame. Time will tell how much this user input factors into future questions. The "Everybody Votes" Channel contains both regional (it looks like state by state in the US) and "worldwide" sections and is another interesting use for the Wii. The questions are offered in several languages. I saw English, Spanish and French I believe - but this might be based on the region that you specify as your home base. You can register up to six different people, using your own Miis, and vote on a variety of topics. It even lets you predict how the answers will turn out so you can get rated as to your perception of trends. A very nice little implementation, IMO.

    It's still too new to really see the way that this will all pan out, but at least Nintendo keeps adding to the mix of this most inventive little box. News, Weather, opinion polls, virtual console games, etc. What's next? Yes, I'd like to see some additional "big" titles that have been promised and a bit more third party involvement, but I think that some of the developers were a bit surprised how well the Wii would do worldwide. The games will come. And it looks like the supply of consoles is loosening up a bit. I was able to get two consoles for my Grandkids (one from Target and one from Circuit City) this past Sunday by showing up as the stores opened.

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    actually this came out on the 13th, and I tried it yesterday.
    I think it's a great addition...it sounds stupid, but its a whole lot of fun!!

    I can't wait untill there are more question and my right/wrong & prediction stats build up

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