cedia 2005-2007

  1. RAF

    News from Dish (Echostar) Satellite TV

    As a "power" Dish Network user (4 dual tuner HD DVRs including the new Vip722 and three Vip 622s) I always try to see what's on the horizon (near and far) from this company. This year there were several items that should be making their way to the marketplace over then next couple of weeks and...
  2. RAF

    JVC announces some amazing Front Projectors and some other goodies

    JVC has upped the ante on the Home Theater Front Projection front with some new products and an absolutely amazing prototype high end model as demonstrated at their CEDIA 2007 press conference on Wednesday. We'll learn more and answer questions after today once the show floor officially opens...
  3. Robert_Zohn

    Toshiba CEDIA press conference

    The theme was Star Trek and the presenters were dressed in Star Trek outfits and the stage was set with Star Trek decorations. The first presentation was all about their new LCD panels, however, I'll just discuss the HD DVD side of the presentation here. Here's the list of the new news. 1...
  4. Ronald Epstein

    Sony announces 2 new Blu-Ray Models

    SONY BOLSTERS BLU-RAY DISC PLAYER LINE WITH TWO NEW MODELS Adding ES and Step-up Models with Advanced Audio Codec Support DENVER, Sept. 5, 2007 (Booth #600) – Sony introduced two additional Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) players today offering a full range of features. Optimized for the home...
  5. Adam Gregorich

    Samsung HD players at CEDIA

    BD-UP5000 Duo HD Player Samsung's BD-UP5000 Duo HD Player supports both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats as well as their interactive technologies, HDi and BD-Java. With the use of HQV video processing power and 1080p Full HD video output, the truest image reproduction possible can be enjoyed...
  6. Adam Gregorich

    Getting ready for CEDIA...Any requests?

    Well it's that time of year again. RAF, Ron, Parker and I are heading off to CEDIA. Anything in particular you are interested in? Let us know!
  7. Alon Goldberg

    19 Incredible Home Theaters: The CEDIA Winners

    Check out how professional installers do it given budgets from 40k to several hundred thousand dollars. The 19 shown definitely take what is possible in a home theater to a whole new level. All we can do is recommend becoming fabulously wealthy, it is clearly worth the effort...
  8. RAF

    Outboard Video Processors (scalers/deinterlacers,etc.) ** From My Perspective **

    A lot has been said about the ability of a device to accept 1080p input for the past year or so and CEDIA delivered on the manufacturers' promise to provide 1080p input on their new 1080p sets. While a 1080p display must, of course, be able to construct the 1080p image from lesser sources if...
  9. RAF

    HDMI: Its problems and its promises ** From My Perspective **

    We've all heard about the problems with HDMI (I'm talking about the problems with connecting HDMI devices reliably and all of the finger pointing.) Some of us with somewhat elaborate HDMI connections have already experienced this first hand while others are in for some surprises when the day...
  10. RAF

    The Best seminar at CEDIA: Michael Heiss' Talk ** From My Perspective **

    Each year I make it a point to attend the New Technology Update presented by Michael Heiss of M. Heiss Consulting and I'm not disappointed. This talk is always given to an SRO audience as people cram in to listen to his thoughts on what's out there, what's coming, what's good, what's bad etc. in...
  11. RAF

    Why no new HP RPMs? ** From My Perspective **

    New 1080p RPMs accepting 1080p input were all over the place at CEDIA from manufacturers like Sony, JVC, Mitsubishi, Samsung and many others. However, one company was notably missing from the 1080p RPM parade - Hewlett Packard. This was surprising since HP was one of two manufacturers at last...
  12. RAF

    The future of RPMs ** From My Perspective **

    As has already been mentioned here and elsewhere, the introduction of really good Front Projectors (I'm talking about 3 chip LCoS models) for around the $5,000 price point or less (street) really brings into question the whole future of the Rear Projection Monitor (RPM) as a viable option for...
  13. RAF

    Blu-ray and HD-DVD: ** From My Perspective **

    I'm going to let the other attendees handle most of this one as there are a lot of threads involving both formats. Let me add a couple of my own thoughts based on what I saw at CEDIA. For the record, both HD-DVD and Blu-ray look great and once everything is 1080p (both from the players and...
  14. Ronald Epstein

    A few thoughts about...CEDIA

    This has been an incredible week for both my partner Parker Clack and I. After all these years, we finally attended and covered our very first CEDIA event. What an eye-opener! For anyone that has never attended a consumer electronics trade show, all I can say is that the experience is...
  15. Alon Goldberg

    Fujitsu @ CEDIA - Aviamo 1080p plasmas

    Walking around the floor of CEDIA is overwhelming. That is the best word for it but when you find something that takes your breath away, it is all worth it and Fujitsu made our day with their AVIAMO line. This line of 50 and 65-inch plasmas join forces with a 37-inch 1080p LCD to create the best...
  16. Mr. Audio Federation

    Photo Essay of CEDIA EXPO 2006 in Denver, Colorado

    Hi Everybody, We are just a high-end audio shop in Boulder and, hey, CEDIA was going to be in our backyard and even though we are focused on audio, we have done so many show reports it just seemed natural to go fdown and take a few in Denver these last few days. So, to make a short story...
  17. Alon Goldberg

    Hitachi @ CEDIA - Worst looking rear-projection at the show?

    We are going to step out on a limb here and state that Hitachi's VS69 line of LCD rear-projections are the worst looking HDTVs at the show. These models are in the Ultravision line as well and they simply do not look good at all. They are grainy, have inconsistent color and exhibiting...
  18. Steven Simon

    Sony Blu ray

    Guys, So how did Blue Ray look?? With the new Sony player??
  19. RAF

    SONY changes the Front Projection Landscape with a real "Pearl" **NEW Info (9/15)**

    We came away from the Sony Press Conference at CEDIA this afternoon with a realization that the entire pricing structure for state of the art Front Projectors has been completely decimated. They introduced their brand new 1080p SXRD (LCoS) 3 chip projector - the VPL-VW50 (nicknamed the...
  20. Chris S

    "Budget" HD projectors

    What I'm really interested in are sub $2000 HD projectors. 1080p might be nice but they're likely to be a little too cost prohibitive at first. What I'm looking for is information on projectors to replace the current line of budget 480p (like the my current Infocus 4805). With HD-DVD and Blu-ray...
  21. Tim Glover

    1080p Front Projectors

    As a former front projector owner, this is the area where my highest interest is....the upcoming 1080p projector market. Rumors have been going strong about 1080p units from Panasonic, Optoma, & Mitsubishi. InFocus will probably have one as well. Any tidbits you can throw us in this more...
  22. Adam Gregorich

    Attending the show? Let us know here!

    Attending the show? Let us know here! Also are you an enthusiast, or in the business?
  23. Orlando

    You Lucky Dogs - Please check for NEW DTS & Dolby Stuff.

    Ok You lucky guys going to the show. Here is my request for things to checkout. Please check on any of the new audio hardware that will support any of the new High-def Audio formats. And more importantly when will they be available. And enjoy the show.
  24. Gregg Loewen

    Learn the essentials of video calibration FOR FREE!!

    Lion Audio Video Consultants, in conjunction with Datacolor, is pleased to offer a variety of educational sessions at the 2006 CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO. During the show (September 14-17), there will be three-hour introductory classes on the basics of video calibration. These courses are geared...
  25. Parker Clack


    Ron, RAF, Adam, Gregg and myself will be attending CEDIA this year. Here is the place you will see our coverage of this year's event. This is also the place to let us know what you are most interested in from the world of consumer electronics. Post what you are most interested in and we will...
  26. RAF

    Peter Staddon says, "Hello" to us at CEDIA

    For those who might have missed Peter Staddon's aside to the audience during the conference video here's a short clip. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  27. Steve*MH

    Just curious--Anything on Butler Audio receivers?

    I made the request about Butler Audio receivers as they stated they were going to be previewed at their setup that was with Vidikron/Runco. Did anyone see these receivers, have pics, or any info? Thanks.
  28. RAF

    A small but significant development at CEDIA: Affordable long run Digital Cables

    We saw a lot at CEDIA 2005 and will be talking about it on these pages, but some of the best stuff, to my way of thinking, came from some of the smaller booths. One such example I came across at the ACCELL booth. They announced a new line of long HDMI and DVI cables and you can see some of their...
  29. RAF

    1080p inputs at CEDIA: Information and Misinformation

    Without a doubt, one of the buzz words at CEDIA was 1080p. There were lots of 1080p monitors around but, surprisingly, not so many that actually accept a 1080p native signal. I'm starting this thread to have a dialogue about 1080p information and misinformation. Let me get the ball rolling: A...
  30. Adam Gregorich

    My initial observations...

    This is a brief update of some of the things I have seen and some general observations. This is based in part on an earlier post I made from the show. I will put together something more complete with photos after I get home later this week. This year the products that seem to dominate the...