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Attn Ron: LOST IN SPACE up for preorder, & 10 other Fox season sets!

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#21 of 63 MatthewA



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Posted March 29 2003 - 09:11 AM


I said no "BLIND" purchases, meaning no purchases of shows I had no interest in before their DVD releases. That means only The Simpsons, M*A*S*H, Futurama, Family Guy, and King of the Hill will be purchased by me. No NYPD Blue, Lost in Space, or any of that until we at least see one more season of Mary Tyler Moore.

Enough is enough, Disney. No more evasions or excuses. We DEMAND the release Song of the South on Blu-ray along with the uncut version of Bedknobs and Broomsticks on Blu-ray. I will not support anything your company produces until then.

#22 of 63 Rodney


    Supporting Actor

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Posted March 29 2003 - 10:00 AM

Did someone mention "Time Tunnel"? That would be too cool!
I hope that comes to fruition. I loved that show when I was a kid.

#23 of 63 David Lambert

David Lambert

    Executive Producer

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Posted March 29 2003 - 10:05 AM

Paramount only has to worry about 1 series per year. Fox is dealing more within the range of 9 or 10 series a year, many with multiple releases. So it's very comparable.

List of shows represented on DVD by Paramount in the past couple of years, including titles they distributed for other Viacom-owned companies:
  • Blues Clues
  • I Love Lucy
  • Peanuts/Charlie Brown
  • Real World
  • Rugrats
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Star Trek
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Survivor

Now starting this year they are adding:
  • Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
  • C.S.I.
  • Cheers
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Frasier
  • Jackass
  • Soul Food
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
...And probably some others I've forgotten. And don't forget their interest in both JAG and The Sentinel.

Stop already with the perception that Paramount is a TV-to-DVD one-act pony! Also, they are not the same studio as Fox, and don't have the same strategies and resource list. It's not possible to compare the two.

DAVE/Memphis, TN

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#24 of 63 Adam Lenhardt

Adam Lenhardt

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Posted March 29 2003 - 11:48 AM

Matthew: My apologizes for the misunderstanding.

#25 of 63 Jeff Kleist

Jeff Kleist

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Posted March 29 2003 - 12:15 PM

With David, with the speed that Paramount is ramping up, I hope Viacom buys Universal so they can put similar spurs to them Posted Image

#26 of 63 Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis


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Posted March 29 2003 - 12:54 PM

Re: Paramount/Viacom's ownership of TV titles- they also own Posted Imageerry Mason, Get Smart, The Beverly Hillbillies, Gunsmoke, Mission:Impossible, The Brady Bunch and a plethora of other classic TV hits which should be out on dvd already (and I don't mean via Columbia House!)and it's a shame that Paramount wants to concentrate on the newer stuff. BTW- I'm hoping that Fox will go into its vaults and put out its classic 60s series on DVD: Peyton Place, Adventures In Paradise, Batman, Dobie Gillis, Judd For The Defense, Land Of The Giants, Julia, Daniel Boone.
Bring "The continuing story of PEYTON PLACE" home on DVD: the one that started it all- from Dallas and Dynasty to Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl!!! Starting this May, see the legendary saga starring Mia Farrow, Ryan O'Neal, Barbara Parkins, and Oscar-winner Dorothy Malone on DVD thru...

#27 of 63 Jeff Kleist

Jeff Kleist

    Executive Producer

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Posted March 29 2003 - 01:43 PM

I would think that MI will come out with MI3

Batman is not going to happen anytime soon, they want to put it out very badly

#28 of 63 PaulP



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Posted March 29 2003 - 03:23 PM

Unfortunately, it looks like Fox hasn't come to their senses and realized that a lot less people are going to be willing to shell out over $100 for the last two seasons of The X-Files.

I will. I have all the previous seasons, so why stop. Eagerly awaiting the seventh season set now, with some great episodes there.

Other than the Simpsons, the only other show I'd love to have all seasons of is Married with Children, which is not Fox. Unfortunately. I bet if Fox did own MWC, it would've been done right already.

#29 of 63 Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg

    Lead Actor

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Posted March 29 2003 - 05:11 PM

Nice recap Dave! Glad to see Futurama: Season 2 already has a release date!

Now all we need is someone to release Tales of the Gold Monkey. Posted Image

#30 of 63 Geoffrey_A


    Second Unit

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Posted March 29 2003 - 06:15 PM

There's only one show that I'm truly dying to have on DVD, and that's Space: Above and Beyond. It kills me that Dark Angel is making it to DVD yet SAAB is still in limbo. I feel like I'm being teased, the way god teased Mosses in the desert. Posted Image
Geoffrey Adams

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#31 of 63 JiM T


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted March 29 2003 - 07:22 PM

Looking forward to "Angel season 2". Hoping "Buffy season 5" isn't far behind!

And please - "The Tick" (animated)!! (That's Fox, right?)


#32 of 63 SteveP


    Second Unit

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Posted March 29 2003 - 07:54 PM

I became a Titanic scholar as a result of the TIME TUNNEL premiere episode--and still have my complete View Master slides and booklet from that episode!

#33 of 63 Jon Robertson

Jon Robertson


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Posted March 29 2003 - 11:37 PM

I said no "BLIND" purchases, meaning no purchases of shows I had no interest in before their DVD releases. That means only The Simpsons, M*A*S*H, Futurama, Family Guy, and King of the Hill will be purchased by me. No NYPD Blue, Lost in Space, or any of that until we at least see one more season of Mary Tyler Moore.
And if that isn't a kick in the balls for Fox, I don't know what is! Posted Image Posted Image

#34 of 63 oscar_merkx


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Posted March 30 2003 - 12:05 AM

I would also purchase Time Tunnel without hesitation

Posted Image
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#35 of 63 Keith_R



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Posted March 30 2003 - 12:59 AM

I for one am looking foward to The Shield:Season 2, This has got to be my favorite show on Tv.I'm sad to see no one else has commented on it becase it is an excellent show if you like police dramas.Looks like they are pushing it out sooner than the first set too, putting it out in October rather than January.The season 1 set was pretty good, I wonder what they might do with the Season 2 set. Thanks for the info

#36 of 63 Jeff Kleist

Jeff Kleist

    Executive Producer

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Posted March 30 2003 - 02:39 AM

Peter said "not this year" for Space: Above and Beyond some I'm hoping that means that 2004 is the "Year of Sci-Fi Murdered by Sports and Barry "The Killer" Diller" Posted Image

SAAB, Alien Nation, Earth 2, and Firefly (only Firefly is known to be being worked on)

And please - "The Tick" (animated)!! (That's Fox, right?)

Nope, while all Tick series have AIRED on Fox, the cartoon is Nelvana, whichis owned by Universal(or is it Disney now) and the live-action is Columbia

#37 of 63 Jason Seaver

Jason Seaver

    Lead Actor

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Posted March 30 2003 - 11:30 PM

No, Jeff, "The (animated) Tick" was produced by Fox television: IMDB Company information Nelvana didn't have a thing to do with it.

Amazon lists the video as coming from Buena Vista, though - this is probably because it was produced under the "Fox Kids" banner, parts of which along with the Fox Family channel was sold to BV.
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#38 of 63 James Reader

James Reader


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Posted March 31 2003 - 12:18 AM

Yes, just like the Hulk, Spider-Man and X-Man fox cartoons are being released on Buena Vista on home video.

I can't see Disney releasing The Tick - it's not really their style (although I would have said the same thing about Marvel superheroes. It's amazing with a movie tie-in can do)
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#39 of 63 Mark Zimmer

Mark Zimmer


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Posted March 31 2003 - 03:24 AM

I'd guess that they're waiting to issue Millennium when they run out of X-Files to keep the Carter flow going.+

#40 of 63 Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence


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Posted March 31 2003 - 04:45 AM

Bummer about Space: Above & Beyond. Its only one season. Lets face it Fox won't put any major effort into the set but they could give us a few extras. I'm sure James Wong and Glen Morgan would be happy to do at least a commentary on the pilot and as Kristen Cloke (hubba hubba!) is married to GM I'm sure she'd be in to. And if they could stretch their budget maybe even a few other cast members.

Would it really cost so much? It wouldn't have to be a huuuuuuuuge run but there are plenty of fans who would buy the show I'm sure. Of course a 30 mins (at least) documentary with the main cast would be groovy too.

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