-Review in Progress -

-Review in Progress –
Dontnod’s Vampyr has been on my radar since about 2016. It is presented as an Xbox One X Enhanced game with terrific HDR and a spooky soundtrack. I’m a few hours into the game now and will present a score in a day or two when I get closer to the end game! For now, know this: I dig it a lot! It’s got a surreal story where you are a recently turned vampire, great atmosphere, and I’m just getting into the combat scheme.

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Everything you need to know about Vampyr, from the team behind Life is Strange

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Story Trailer

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Hey @Bryan^H , due to some health issues in the last few weeks I didn't get as far into it as I'd have lined. I will be wrapping my thoughts up later this weekend.

Until then:
-The story is cool.
- I like the characters so far
- The animation is really wonky
- The HDR and sound are well done
- The combat is.... not exactly awful but approaching awful