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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Stuart Moss, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Firstly with my Yamaha RXV-2300 is it possible to watch a movie in DD 6.1 and listen to a CD in another room with speakers hooked up to zone 2 output. If so, does anyone know how to connect it so it works. I tried to do it but when i enable zone 2 my surround speakers turn off. The setup for zone 2 in the yamaha manual is useless. Can anyone help?
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    Your out of power amps...

    From the manual page 71.

    To use the Multi-room functions of this unit, you need the following additional equipment:
    An Infrared signal reciever in the second room
    An Infrared emiiter in the main room
    An Amplifier and speakers for the second room

    So no, AVR with 7.1 will allow 5.1 in main room and 2 channel in the second room, using two of the amps to power some speakers.

    With this AVR you need an amp at minimum to power the speakers in the second room.

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