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Jan 18, 2021
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Long time lurker here and excited to finally be a part of this forum!

I've installed many basic 1 zone home theaters before, but I am looking for some input on doing my new neighbors setup.

They recently just got the house, it came with some equipment.
  • Living room has 5.1 (in-wall/ceilings)
  • Outside has 2 Speakers and a volume switch in the walls
  • Master Bedroom's Bathroom has 2 speakers and a in-wall switch.

I am working with a Onkyo TX-NR575.
TV in the living room is a LG 65UN6591ZUA.

Connected to the T.V. will be a rogers box (HD cable box) (will be getting IPTV sooner than later), and the built in smart TV.

There is also a SONOS connect but I reckon it would be easier to throw that away and use the built in AIRPLAY in the receiver?

Issues / Questions:

1) The speakers are all ran and into a closet, we found the receiver in the closet connected to nothing, I plan on getting them a Logitech Harmony Elite, does this sound like a reasonable solution.

2) There are no HDMI runs through the walls, but there is many Ethernet runs from the TV to the closet, would those HDMI to Ethernet adapters work ok? Do they support ARC (AUDIO). (I ordered this just now )

3) If yes to the above question, will the ARC work ok for hearing netflix and other smart tv things from the receiver?

4) If I plug the rogers box into the TV (very small, will fit behind the TV no problem) will the ARC allow the audio to play through the receiver.

5) ARC good enough or should I get Ethernet to optical? I see that the TV supports ARC, but can anyone tell me if it does eARC? (or does it even matter)

6) For the Zone 2 (outside and bathroom)--> Can wire them in paralell to the receiver, despite 2 switches?

Thanks all in advance! I just want to go and do it all in one shot, I took the receiver home with me to play with.

The easier I can make it for them to operate the better!

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