Yamaha RX-V375 trying to program scene button

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Tamili, May 11, 2013.

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    Hi. This is my first post.

    I recently got the RX-V375. It has some scene buttons on the remote and I want to make changes to where the TV scene button gets autio in. By default it's using input AV4.

    Current configuration:
    It appears like the TV button is expecting audio to be coming from a TV output (into AV4). But I have a satelite box (dish network) that outputs video to the TV and audio to the reciever. It's an older tv so I'm using the 3 wire (blue/green/red) cables to get video into it. The satelite box also has HDMI out so I connected that to the V375 as HDMI input 2.

    If I push the HDMI 2 on the V375 remote I get both video to the tv and audio out the speakers.

    What I'd rather have:
    There is a DVD scene button on the V375 and it takes both audio and video from the DVD player from a single HDMI cable. Is there a way to configure the TV button work the same by taking vidio and audio from a single HDMI cable from the satelite box?
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    The setup of the SCENE functions can be done by following the on-screen display and owner's manual. You just need to configure the audio and video sources for that button on the display.

    I'm assuming pressing HDMI2 does what you want to watch Dish? If that is the case, all you then need to do is press HDMI2, then hold down the TV SCENE button until "SET COMPLETE" appears on the front display.

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