Xmas light suggestions for a sailboat

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    I just got recruited to participate in a Parade of Lights on Dec 11 where you decorate your boat and slowly motor through the downtown waterfront.

    I'd like to design/hang some bell shapes and a church steeple, but not sure if I've got time to do all that design work. Any light infrastructure needs to hang from the mast or hung from the lifelines. The lights can also be strung on or supported by the cables that go from the top of the mast to the front and back of the boat. (all you sailors forgive me for not using the appropriate terminology...)

    Got a 30 ft sailboat with the following mast dimensions:

    Mast Height: 35 ft
    Cable to front of Boat (forestay): 39 ft
    Cable to back of boat (backstay): 40 ft

    So... I've got to hang everything in a triangle. Luckily I've got 4 lines (halyards) that I can haul this stuff up to the top with.

    More info at:


    Also, anything rigid cannot have much windage (no big plywood cutouts) as the wind can be quite brisk....

    Any comments or pointers ? Any websites that can help me design bells and a church steeple ? Thanks in advance !!!!!
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    man, that's hardcore. Post pics when it's done.

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