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Wiring up my new Receiver (HDMI Passthrough) (1 Viewer)


Sep 26, 2006
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Steve Walton
I have just purchased a Sony Home Theater system (HT-7000DH) which consists of a receiver and dvd player plus speakers. The receiver has HDMI Passthrough (2 HDMI inputs/1 HDMI output). The DVD player is an upscaling version with HDMI as well. I also currently have a DirectTV HD Receiver hooked up via HDMI to my Plasma TV. I want to fit all this together seamlessly.

First what I (think) I know:

The HDMI in the receiver is only "passthrough". So while the video signal will pass through the receiver the sound will not (this is intentional by Sony for legal reasons...something about the HDMI standard). Actually what I mean is the sound passes through to the TV but is not processed by the HT Receiver and sent to the speakers. The receiver does allow for the reassignment of sound inputs via the LCD screen on the unit.

How I think I will hook this up to get video from either source up to my Plasma TV:
  1. DirectTV Receiver HDMI into the HT Receiver.
  2. DVD Player HDMI into the HT Receiver
  3. HDMI out from HT Receiver to Plasma TV

What I'm not sure about regarding getting sound:

Both the DVD player and the DirectTV receiver have Digital Optical Out. So I believe I will also need to run a Digital Optical Cable from both the DVD Player and the DirectTV receiver into the HT receiver and then assign those audio inputs to the two corresponding HDMI inputs on the receiver. Or will I need to run component cables from the DVD Player and DirectTV to the plasma directly? Surely I don't have to run cables from the TV back to the HT Receiver do I? See this is where I am confused.

Thank you for your help.


Jeff Gatie

Senior HTF Member
Aug 19, 2002
You should be fine with the optical audio ins assigned to their respective HDMI ins for video. There may be a problem with synching the audio to the video, which some players have using the HDMI interface, but it is rare.

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