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Dec 29, 2004
I actually bought these speakers from a close friend who did buy them out of the back of a pickup truck from a guy with the same ole' "I bought too many speakers" story. That was a couple years ago. I never knew that he really got scammed. I figured there was a speaker shop around there just trying to get out and make some sales. (Yeah right).

So, my pride and ego aside. The "brand" is Digital Audio, which I have seen listed in a couple scam articles. I always thought they sounded good at my friends, but now that I've got them home they are disapointing. So, I took some pics and stuff. Can you tell me just what these components might actually be worth and what I can do to make them sound better?

The model number is as follows:
Digital Audio 2002
Cinema Series II
I would show you pictures here, but I don't have 15 posts yet. But the url is something like forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/1/115041.ht{ml)

What I see: -A fairly well made MDF cabinet that may or may not be the appropriate dimensions.

-A woofer with a cast/chrome basket and a less than impressive looking magnet and speaker poles.

-Tiny wires running to both tweets.
-A crossover that looks like it could be from Radio Shack.

Here's the thing: They still sound clear and crisp. They do lack bass "volume" though. The bass is punchy but never really hits hard or "booms". I have a Denon AVR-1905 (80w/ch). I have to crank the bass all the way and it still won't hit at all! But, if I hook it up to my old (really old) 40w Technics it does much better.

As you can see I'm deeply confused. I know just enough about home A/V to get myself screwed. ANY help and feedback is GREATLY appreciated.


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Jan 1, 2003
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Until recently I didnt know the scam was this widespread, I had heard of people selling stuff like this with bricks in the boxes, earlier this year, some guys pulled up to me at a redlight and tried "we unloaded these speakers at the dock and there was an extra set so the boss gave them to us", I knew that was too good to be true, so as they drove off I got their license plate number and immediately called the police, the dispatcher I spoke too said she had never heard of this scam so they didnt even go after these guys.

Of course this was in Baton Rouge, the same group that took 2 years to catch a serial killer that pretty much left everything but his name and phone number at the scene of the crimes

Nathan W.

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Apr 11, 2004
Except Meridian speakers.

I gotta be honest. Those speakers do not look any worse than the components and cabinets used by some mass market companies like BIC and DCM, who both used to make higher end stuff, but now just mass market stuff. That woofer you show has a stamped and plated steel frame - not bad unless it is unusually thin gauge. I'm kinda suprised by the large magnet on the midrange. I bet those short, unflared ports are noisy, though.

Chu Gai

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Jun 29, 2001
Sell them and get as much money back as you can. Then if you're a church going person, ask forgiveness. Putting money into them is just a bad move. Consider the money you lose on the sale as part of the costs of life's lessons.

Jim Swantko

Dec 15, 2004
If they sound good to you - just enjoy them. My room-mate way back in college bought some that sound very similar.

They weren't bad - but they weren't great either.

Trust your ears... forget about brands and reviews. You are the onle listening to them.

A good sub would probably improve the sound greatly however.


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Feb 20, 2000
So pass them on to another unsuspecting sucker? That's an interesting and decidedly american perspective :)

Be a man about it, throw them out or use them yourself for now.

allan espinoza

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Jul 1, 2002
i was almost a victim a couple of years back. They said that they had an extra shipment that was delivered that the boss didnt know about and they had a 1/2 hr to get rid of them. I almost fell for it as I was trying to get the money, but for some reason I said no because he had a magazine where they were advertised for almost $2,000 with reviews and everything and they wanted to sell them for almost $200, i said "something is not right here," and i didnt get them. It was the whole white van and just like everyone else has described them.

Some other suckers fell for it and bought it for $600. It happened at a gas station.

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