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What were the last few DVDs you watched, and what did you think? (1 Viewer)


Feb 26, 2002
Bandits - one that my girlfriend rented. I wasn't too interested, and only occasionally paid attention. Seemed pretty stupid. Didn't check out any of the supplements.

Life as a House - another one that my girlfriend rented, but this time I watched most of it with her. It was okay... just sort of an average drama. I like Kevin Kline. I don't like Hayden Christensen. All he does is sulk. He sulked through this whole movie, and judging by the trailers, it looks like he sulks all through Episode 2 as well. Didn't check out any of the supplements.

Moulin Rouge - FINALLY got through all the supplements, although I did end up skipping most of the picture galleries and barely peeked at the early drafts of the scripts. I couldn't figure out how to do three of the easter eggs (the ones where you have to punch in the numbers). This DVD is almost TOO packed with stuff.

The Dark Crystal - a movie that somehow I never saw during my youth. LOVED it! Very surreal and trippy. Decent documentary (too much footage taken straight from the movie, though). I didn't bother watching all the scenes with the original Skekses (sp?) language. I wanted to hear more about Fizzgig, I love that little guy!!


Second Unit
May 13, 2000
Waking the Dead - interesting at times but unsatisfying. Structurally the movie is a mess. I've seen Billy Crudup on stage and he's a very good actor, but in films there's always something remote about him.
Coming Home - Very good naturalistic performances and Hal Ashby's sensitive direction made this movie worth another look after all these years. Thank you, MGM, for an SE of this title.
Purple Noon - I had seen it years ago, but I had to force myself to make it through this second viewing. Maybe "The Talented Mr. Ripley" is still too fresh in my mind because I couldn't shake the memories of that film while watching this one. Disney/Miramax has nerve charging near-Criterion prices for this ho-hum transfer.
The Man Who Wasn't There - I didn't expect to but I enjoyed this one immensely. A faux-noir, with striking cinematography by Roger Deakins, spiked with the distinctive low-key humor of the Coens brothers.
All That Jazz - I'd been waiting and waiting for this one, and it was worth it. The restoration efforts on this film are very evident - the movie has never looked better! Let's hope Fox gets this out in R1 this year....


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Dec 11, 2000
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Steve Gonzales
The Ruling Class - Peter O'Toole plays the heir to an English estate who thinks he's Jesus Christ. His relatives scheme to have him committed. An especially witty screenplay skewers the British class system. Great movie with a lot of great lines! I love the spontaneous musical numbers and I'm not even a fan of musicals.
Joyride - Okay thriller by John Dahl about two brothers (Steve Zahn and Paul Walker) on a road trip. A prank on a trucker turns deadly and they find themselves on the run. Co-stars Helen Hunt Jr. (Leelee Sobieski).

John Stone

Supporting Actor
Aug 5, 2001
Usual Suspects, The - Great film, great DVD. A must-have, IMO.
Kiss The Girls - I was in the mood for some Morgan Freeman, plus it had been a while since I'd seen it. Not the greatest suspense/thriller, but still enjoyable. I have to admit that a couple of times during the movie I found myself wondering why I didn't pull Se7en off the shelf instead. :)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I love watching this movie, always have. I probably watch it 3-4 times a year.
Highlander (Anchor Bay) - I like this movie a lot. After all these years of watching it on video and cable, it was wonderful to finally get to see it in its OAR with good sound.
Independence Day :b Ahem, uh... I had just re-calibrated my system and was testing the sound?
Donnie Darko :emoji_thumbsup: Wow. This is one of my favorites so far this year. Another "must-own" DVD! Despite a backlog of nearly 100 titles, I will watch this movie again within a week.
Thir13en Ghosts I should've just listened to Ron's review and saved my money. :frowning:


Nov 21, 2001
The ones I watched this weekend were two Criterions - The Third Man and The Seventh Seal - as well as Mulholland Drive and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence. All were, to say the least, superb. My favorite of the four is The Seventh Seal.

Patrick McCart

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May 16, 2001
Georgia (the state)
Real Name
Patrick McCart
Moulin Rouge, AI, and Dracula (1930).

I rented Moulin Rouge before and I love the movie. AI, I saw in a theater, and the DVD is basically perfect. Dracula is a great DVD with EXCELLENT picture and sound (So there's a few scratches and stuff...it's 72 years old!). I especially enjoyed seeing the spanish version and also the Phillip Glass score version.

Jefe Noche

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Feb 5, 2002
Mulholland Drive: :emoji_thumbsup: Loved it, even though it's a "head-hurter".
The Man Who Wasn't There: Appreciated it, but didn't love it. Great performance by Billy Bob. Great look and vibe. Just a tad slow. Maybe I wasn't in the right "mood".
Dark City: :emoji_thumbsup: Even though I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, I really dug this film. Thanks HTF :) .
Untitled (Almost Famous): :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: One of my "upgrades":
Makes the theatrical version (which I love) seem edited. If you like this film, I would highly recommend it.
Falling Down: Picked it up for $9.99 and was worth it. It's one of those films that is ALMOST great.

Dome Vongvises

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May 13, 2001
It's been forever since I've completely seen a DVD
The Third Man: Criterion Collection
- I just popped it in to hear the Zither score and listen to the beginning part of the radio broadcast. Dun Dun, DUUUUUU!!!!! Sorry, tried to emulate a sound effect.
Armageddon: Criterion Collection
- Watched the gag reel. Hilarious, especially Billy Bob Thorton.
Chasing Amy: Criterion Collection
- Been watching the commentary in thirty minute spurts every lunch break I get from class.
Rebecca: Criterion Collection
- Checked the disc to see if it works.
Virtual Jenna Jameson
-.....just kidding on this one. :laugh: Just wanted to see if anybody was paying attention.

Carl Johnson

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May 6, 1999
Real Name
Carl III
I finished Sopranos, Season two last week and I'm in the process of rewatching season one. Beside those over the past month or so I've watched Training Day a couple of times, Goodfellas once, with an occasional Powerpuff Girls episode inbetween.


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Dec 30, 2001
Braveheart: Man, what a great movie. I'd seen it before, but on my sister's 19" TV in pan and scam:b

Dr. Strangelove: Just one of those spontaneous viewings, wherein my dad just popped it in to watch some scenes and we ended up watching the whole thing. Who would have thought Patton could be so hilarious?


Jun 22, 2001
I just finished watching True Romance right now.
True Romance.....great movie and underrated in the since it is never really mentioned.
Bandits.....I was surprised at how great this movie is and the DVD is pretty sweet. I should of bought it b/c I would of saved 4 bucks from having to rent it.
The Thin Red Line.....Just thought it was OK, imo not as great as some say but not as bad either.
Mulholland Dr......Great movie and one of my favorites, the only non viewed movie I have ever bought.
The Wicker Man.....Very good movie but the ending(only a part of it) wasn't as great as it should of been b/c another horror movie stole the idea:frowning:. It was still pretty hardcore.

Matthew Chmiel

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Apr 26, 2000
Mulholland Dr. - a wonderful film by David Lynch.
The Deep End - a decent film that had an amazing preformance by Tilda Swinton.
Donnie Darko - My favorite film of 2001.
Independence Day - I was in the mood to watch a sci-fi action movie.
Fight Club - "Recycle Your Animals" :)

Alex Spindler

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Jan 23, 2000
Let's see:
Twin Peaks : Pilot Episode - This and the first episode of season one. Beautiful Season one set. The pilot is serviceable, but necessary.
Battle for the Planet of the Apes - Excreble conclusion to the apes films. What a way to go out. It offers nothing to the mythos and is more worthless than Beneath. The costumes were terrible as well. Order of the films (quality) should be 1, 4, 3, 2, ... ... ... 2001 version... ... 5.
Contact - I realized that my convergence had been accidentally reset, so I popped that one in. Visually striking. I also plowed through several of the extras. A great disc!
Those are the most very recent ones.

Bruce Hedtke

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Jul 11, 1999
Holy Smoke-sloppy and often a rambling mess, but Kate Winslet again gives a spectacular performance.
Thirteen Ghosts-Had to see if it improved on the small screen (it didn't).
Spriggan-Terrific anime film, not the most technical, but still solid story-wise and *some* shots were superb.
No Man's Land-workable film, but the story grew a bit tired but the ending really boosted the rest.
Jin-Roh-Breathtakingly good. Excellent everything.
Novacaine-Sometimes great, sometimes plain film that takes a well-worn concept and belabors it.
The Killer-Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Iain Jackson

Second Unit
Nov 22, 2001
X-Men - I was in the mood for an entertaining action flick that I hadn't watched for a while, so I pulled this one off the shelf. Great fun.
eXistenZ - just got this in the post a couple of days ago. Great film (although quite weird). Plenty of nice extras (3 commentaries!).
I've also got a few other new discs still to watch - K-PAX, Groundhog Day and The Game. This should be a fun weekend. :)

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