what kind of speaker stand to buy for Onkyo SKS-HT500?

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    Dec 11, 2002
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    What height of speaker stand should I buy for the front 2 speakers of the Onkyo SKS-HT500? They are 16.5 inches tall and weigh 12.6 lbs each. I have been looking at the Chicago brand stands that they have at Circuitcity but don't know what height to get. Would they be a good choice? I need suggestions from anyone who has this speaker set.
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    hello david!
    i have the same speaker setup from your home theater set.
    but they're connected to a pioneer, vsx-d811s receiver.

    i will be custom building my own speaker stands.

    you may want to play around with the height to figure out what you need. before any measuring, i'm thinking about something around 24 inches.

    try to prop your speakers on boxes of similar size...and play with the height. see what suits your listening habits. does it sound good from your couch?

    some speaker stands cost too much. i prefer to build them myself... plus, it would be more fun.
    the chicago stands at circuit city are so so. i was not very impressed.

    good luck!

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