Weird XP logon problem

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Alan Erceg, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Alan Erceg

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    I had worked on a computer for a friend about 6 months ago, switching over some files, putting in some RAM etc etc..nothing special..

    She called me the other day and said she was having a problem. Her problem is that now for some reason when she logs on to WIN XP pro, it prompts for a username/pass to log on. She says it never did this before, and I think she is right at least as far as I can remember(IT was about 6 months ago I worked on her computer).

    The one thing I thought of to have her try was to erase the username in the username/pass box and just log in with neither a username or pass, and that did log her into XP, but she is saying that some of her programs are missing when she does that...

    just a weird situation..anyone have any ideas?

  2. Mike Fassler

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    Jan 17, 2004
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    the reason the things are missing is that without the name/pw it prolly isnt giving her administrator status. in the control panel under user accounts there are some settings where you can change things about individual accounts on that pc.
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    By default, a Windows XP box with only one users (not counting the administrator account) will automatically log on the only existing user and go straight to the desktop.

    However, once you install the "Windows.Net framework" via WindowsUpdate, or add another user, or assign a password to the username. . . from then on you get the welcome screen and username/password prompt.

    You can alter the startup screen under the Control Panel. However, you will need to tweak some stuff (that presently escapes me) if you want to try to restore "auto logon" after the .Net Framework has been installed.

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  4. Richard Travale

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    Rich Travale
    Does anyone else have access to the computer?
    I had a problem with my computer because someone thought it would be funny to assign a password to my account while they were at my place one day. I didn't have a password because I am the only one ( usually ) that uses my comp.
    I was just about to format and start over before my friend coughed up the pass. It was "password" :b
  5. Max Leung

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    Just an FYI: If both of you are running Windows XP, and both of you are using MSN Messenger 6, you can take advantage of the handy "Remote Assistance" feature so that you can make the changes online instead of making the drive to her place.

    With that said, I swear I will never build a computer except for relatives and very close friends. I'm still getting calls 2 years later from people I built computers for because they keep downloading spyware, viruses, and opening every single spam message they receive. What a hassle. Oh, and telling them not to do that doesn't work. "But I never downloaded them!". Uh huh sure. [​IMG]

    Mental note: I must practice this mantra in front of the mirror: "I will do that for 150 dollars per hour".

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