Weekly RoundUp 10-3-2006

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    The Weekly RoundUp

    The Features

    – The Little Mermaid – 1989

    – Humphrey Bogart (The Maltese Falcon – 1941)

    – Thank You for Smoking – 2005

    – Melanie Griffith (Body Double – 1984)

    The Prices

    SD-DVD TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostco1st and Hope$11.19$9.99$12.99 - - 21 Grams SE$14.99$14.9915.99 - - 30 Days$17.99$14.9915.99 - - Abbott & Costello: Season 2$19.76$20.69$24.99 - - Aces$17.99$14.9915.99 - - Against the Wall$9.99$12.99$12.99 - - Andromeda: Season 5$45.99$45.99$69.99 - - Avenger$17.99$14.9915.99 - - Body Double SE$14.99$14.9915.99 - - Calvaire (The Ordeal)$17.99$14.9915.99 - - Cartoon Network :Christmas V. 3$11.19$12.99$12.99 - - Changing Times$26.99$24.99$24.99 - - Cinderella 2000 (30th Anniv. Ed.)$11.69$9.99$12.99 - - Curse of El Charro$22.49$19.99$19.99 - - The Dark Backward$9.99$12.99$14.94 - - Edmond$17.50$19.99$27.00 - - Forever Knight-The Trilogy: Part 3$41.35$41.99$49.99 - - GI Joe Sigma 6: 1st Strike$11.99$12.99$12.99 - - Glass House: The Good Mother$18.69$22.99$24.97 - - Greatest Amer. Hero: Comp. Ser. LE$76.88$99.99$99.99 - - High Sierra$14.99$14.9915.99 - - H. Bogart Sig. Coll.: Vol. 1$41.99$69.99$49.99 - - H. Bogart Sig. Coll.: Vol. 2$41.99$69.99$49.99 - - Invader$9.98$6.99$9.99 - - Lewis Black: Red, White, Screwed$17.99$14.9915.99 - - The Little Mermaid SE (2-disc)$16.87$14.99$16.99$15.99$18.99Little Mermaid Gift Set (BB only) - $34.99 - - - Lock, Stock, 2 Smoking Barrels (NR Dir. Cut)$14.99$14.9915.99 - - MXC: Season 1$26.19$24.99$29.99 - - Maltese Falcon SE (3-disc)$20.99$22.99$24.99 - - McLeod’s Daughters: Season 1$44.99$59.99$49.99 - - Medium: Season 2$38.88$44.99$49.99$37.99$37.99M. Python/Holy Grail Extraordinarily DE - $19.99$19.99$19.99 - My Little Pony Gift Set$27.99$34.99$34.99 - - Musicares Tribute: James Taylor$14.99$16.99$15.99 - - Once In a Lifetime: NY Cosmos$29.99$19.99$24.99 - - Pat Metheny: The Way Up-Live$13.49$13.99$12.99 - - Penn/Teller: Bullsh*t: Season 3$20.99$19.99$24.99 - - Planet of the Apes: TV Series$20.99$14.99$24.99 - - Point Break$14.87$14.99$15.99 - - The Roost$22.49$19.99$19.99 - - Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh?$17.99$19.99$15.99 - - Scarface: Platinum Edition$19.76$19.99$16.99$15.99 - So. Park: Top 10 Hits Vol. 1$18.89$16.99$16.99$17.99 - Stargate SG-1: Season 9$34.89$41.99$39.99 - - Stuart Little Movie Collection$35.99$34.99$29.99 - - **Thank You for Smoking$19.76$19.99$19.99$17.99$19.49They Drive By Night$14.99$14.9915.99 - - Three Stooges: Stooges on the Run$18.69$22.99$19.99 - - Three’s Company: Season 8$19.99$19.99$17.99 - - Tom & Jerry Tales: Volume 1$9.99$12.99$12.99 - - Twilight Zone: Complete Coll.$224.99$254.99$299.99 - - Voodoo Moon$17.99$14.99$15.99 - - The Woods$18.69$22.99$24.97 - - **X-Men: The Last Stand$14.98$14.99$13.99$15.99 - X-Men: The Last Stand CE$23.99$24.99$26.99 - $25.89X-Men: The Last Stand DE (Target) - - - $22.99 - X-Men Trilogy$29.99$29.99$29.99$29.99$28.99

    HD-DVD TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostcoPat Metheny Group: Way Up - Live$17.45 - $24.99 - - New Orleans Concert: America’s Soul$23.95$29.99$33.99 - -

    BLU-RAY TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostcoPat Metheny Group: Way Up - Live$17.45$22.99$24.99 - - Alice Cooper: Live - Montreaux (2005)$17.45$22.99$24.99 - - Rod Stewart: One Night Only$19.95 - - - - John Legend: Live - House of Blues$19.95 - $29.98 - - Elvis Costello & Imposters: Memphis$17.45 - $24.99 - - Toto: Amsterdam$17.45 - $24.99 - - Black Crowes: Freak N Roll$17.45 - $24.99 - - New Orleans Concert: America’s Soul$23.95$29.99$33.99 - -

    Individual titles included in box sets listed above:

    Humphrey Bogart Signature Collection - Volume 1: Casablanca SE, Treasure of the Sierra Madre SE, They Drive By Night, High Sierra.

    Humphrey Bogart Signature Collection - Volume 2: Across the Pacific, Action in the North Atlantic, All Through the Night, Passage to Marseille, The Maltese Falcon SE (3-disc).

    My Little Pony: (I cannot believe I’m including this!) Minty X-Mas, Princess Promenade, Runaway Rainbow (+ includes a Pinkie Pie Tote Bag!).

    Stuart Little Collection: Stuart Little 1, Stuart Little 2, Stuart Little 3.

    X-Men Trilogy: X-Men, X2; X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand.

    The Disclaimer Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed Sunday advertisements. All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price.

    "LP" in the RoundUp table means a store’s Sunday flyer says "Low Price". That means I could not locate a definite price for the item, and the ad is all I have to go on. Retailers use these phrases in advertisements so that they do not violate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) agreements with the studios. Doing so can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in co-op advertising funds.

    I, obviously, cannot include EVERY title released in a given week in the RoundUp. The titles included are those that I am interested in...as well as those which I consider will be of interest to a majority of consumers (and sometimes I’ll miss one!). I don't get paid for this, and I don't have the time to list every DVD. So, please don't complain! If there is a title not included in the RoundUp that you want to see, just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone!

    Note that I cannot include Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club prices in the RoundUp. They set prices at individual stores based on nearby competition, so there is no way I can say here what price you'll find at YOUR local Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club location. And, as always, Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii.

    The Specials

    **BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! Thank You For Smoking AND X-Men: The Last Stand are available in both OAR and MAR versions...get the correct one!

    --I have included Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Extraordinarily Deluxe Edition in this week’s RoundUp although there is confusion over the release date of this title. Most retailers are listing the title as available October 3.

    --I am still unsure of my efficiencies in finding and pricing the various HD & Blu-Ray release each week. Be forewarned. Just when I think things are getting better…this week, the release date sources and prices seem especially screwed up. A lot of this week’s music releases are listing for 10-3. Many of them for 10-31. I’m including whatever shows for 10-3 and hoping for the best. It seems as if they often show up in all stores even if only some of them acknowledge the earlier release date. [​IMG]

    --Amazon.com is still having a special offer on Blu-Ray & HD-DVD discs: Save an additional 10% on all of your Blu-ray & HD-DVD Disc purchases for the next year. Purchase three Blu-ray or HD-DVD Discs right now, and you'll automatically qualify to receive an additional 10% off all of your high-definition DVD purchases for one year. To receive a 10% discount on your three high-def Discs upon checkout, use this claim code: HDDISC10. Go HERE for details.

    --Toys ‘R’ Us has got a picture of the Little Mermaid DVD on the cover of its flyer this week….without a price. They ARE, however, having a deal on DVDs – Buy One Get One 50% off – All DVD and VHS movies. Discounted item must be of equal or lesser value. In store only. Sale prices valid October 1 thru 7.

    --Best Buy is offering an EXCLUSIVE FREE PLUSH TOY with the purchase of The Little Mermaid on DVD – either Sebastian or Flounder. Minimum 30 per store.

    --Best Buy also has an EXCLUSIVE DVD GIFT SET of The Little Mermaid for $34.99. It includes the DVD release and a four-piece pin set. Minimum 30 per store..

    --Best Buy is featuring the “Collector’s Edition” of X-Men: The Last Stand and includes the following warning: Minimum 40 per store. CE includes DVD and Stan Lee X-Men comic book.

    --Best Buy is also offering a deal on an X-Men CD-ROM for just $1.99 with the purchase of the X-Men: The Last Stand Collector’s Edition DVD. Minimum 20 per store.

    --Best Buy also has a terrific deal for fans of Three’s Company. Buy Three’s Company: Season 8 ($19.99) and pick up your choice of ANY OTHER season FOR FREE! Instantly!

    --Circuit City is offering the exact same deal on the Three’s Company sets…except cheaper! Buy Season 8 ($17.99) and get ANY OTHER SEASON FREE!

    --Circuit City is offering an EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE GOLDEN BOOK with The Little Mermaid on DVD. While supplies last. Minimum 25 per store.

    --Circuit City, this week, also has an EXCLUSIVE Emusic CARD WITH 50 FREE DOWNLOADS with the purchase of ANY new X-Men release. While supplies last. Minimum 20 per store.

    --Circuit City also has the following TV sets on sale at $17.99 apiece: Everybody Loves Raymond: Seasons 1-3, The Simpsons: Seasons 1-6, Arrested Development: Seasons 1-3, Sex and the City: Season 1. Those are the season sets that are pictured in the ad. The text simply says ”Catch up on your favorite shows. Huge Savings. So, I suppose some might make the argument that since its really hard to read which season sets are actually included in the ad (the only ones I can ID for sure are ELR: Season 3 and the ‘Homer Head’ edition of the Simpsons.) ALL season sets of the shows listed might be eligible for the sale. In fact, that might very well be CC’s intent. I guess we will likely find out. [​IMG]

    --Circuit City also has deals on the following Disney DVDs: Cinderella, Mulan & Brother Bear 2: $12.99 apiece. Finding Nemo: $16.99.

    --Target is offering an EXCLUSIVE DELUXE EDITION OF X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. Includes the CE of the DVD (with Giant X-Men comic and four collectible trading cards, all housed in an EXCLUSIVE collectible tin. Free offer quantity limited. No rainchecks. Target seems to be getting rather aggressive with these exclusive deluxe editions.

    --For those more interested in mermaid princesses than wolverines, Target has a FREE LIP GLOSS BRACELET with the purchase of The Little Mermaid on DVD. Items packaged together. Quantity limited. No rainchecks.

    --And…if you plan on getting married soon and are really young…Target has a FREE LITTLE MERMAID WEDDING GOWN offer! [​IMG] If you buy The Little Mermaid on DVD ($15.99) AND buy “The Little Mermaid Royal Wedding Gift Set” ($15.99), you can get a FREE The Little Mermaid Wedding Gown. A $24.99 value. Ages 3 and up. DVD and special offer begin Tuesday, October 3. Free offer quantity limited. No rainchecks. I would suppose the wedding gown could also be used by young children for a Halloween costume if there were no pre-schooler weddings on your upcoming schedule.

    The Markdowns

    The latest markdowns according to DavisDVD:

    EFFECTIVE: September 26, 2006 (Studio/Titles/New SRP)

    None to report.
  2. Patrick Sun

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    Circuit City on sale DVD items:

    V For Vendetta $13.99
    Finding Nemo $16.99
    Bother Bear 2 $12.99
    Mulan $12.99
    Cinderella $12.99

    $9.99 each:
    Crash (1st Pressing)
    Tyler Perry’s Diary Of A Mad Black Woman
    Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
    Ultimate Avengers 2
    Harry Potter & Goblet Of Fire
    March Of The Penguins
    Dave Chappelle’s Block Party: Unrated
    Tyler Perry Collection: Why Did I Get Married?
    Tyler Perry Collection: Madea Goes To Jail
    16 Blocks
    Brokeback Mountain
    The Producers (2005)
    Nanny McPhee
    Something New
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape: Special Collector’s Edition
    Office Space: Special Edition With Flair
    Pride & Prejudice (2005)
    The Notebook
    Good Luck And Good Night
    The Color Purple
    Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection

    DVD Sets:
    Everybody Loves Raymond: Seasons 1 / 2 / 3 $17.99 each
    Arrested Development: Seasons 1 / 2 / 3 $17.99 each
    Sex And The City: Season 1 $17.99
    The Simpsons: Season 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 $17.99 each


    Best Buy on sale DVD items:

    Mulan $14.99

    $5.99 each:
    Deep Impact
    Eurotrip: Unrated
    Minority Report 2-disc set
    The Ring (2002)
    Patriot Games
    War Of The Worlds: Special Collector’s Edition
    Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow
    The Italian Job (2003)
    The Hunt For Red October
    We Were Soldiers
    Sleepy Hollow
    How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
    The Truman Show: Special Edition
    Suspect Zero
    South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
    School Of Rock
    The Fighting Temptations
    The Firm
    An Officer & A Gentleman
    Days Of Thunder
    What Women Want
    Major League
    Planes, Trains & Automobiles
    Orange County
    Eddie Murphy: RAW
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
    Varsity Blues
    Coming To America
    A Night At The Roxbury

    3 FOR $20:
    Fargo: Special Edition
    Alien vs. Predator
    The Princess Bride: Special Edition
    The Thomas Crown Affair
    Super Troopers
    Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World

    Mix and Match these titles and more in store or at BestBuy.com Must be purchased on the same receipt.


    Target on sale DVD items:

    No catalog titles listed for sale.
  3. Chris S

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    Chris S
    Thanks for the roundup!!
  4. Bill Thomann

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Thanks Mike & Patrick. Little Mermaid at CC with a BB pm + Thank You For Smoking at CC with a Target pm. Waiting for the inevitable X Men 2 disc SE. Fox isn't getting a double dip outta this from me.
  5. TonyD

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    Disney World and Universal Florida
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    Tony D.
    the planet of the apes tv show, anmated or live action?
  6. Bill GrandPre

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    Jun 9, 2001
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    A major online retailer (you might say they're amazing) has been shipping the animated "Apes" set for about a week now, I've had mine for a few days. The live-action series has been out on DVD for years, I believe it was released the same day as the original release of the 2001 remake. As far as I know it's the same 2 discs that were in the 14-disc Ape head set (though I never got it so I can't be 100% sure) but at least now everything in that set is available seperately which is great news for those of us who already had more than half of the discs included in the set.

    I think Wal-Mart has a bonus disc with their "X-Men: The Last Stand" DVD so I think I'm gonna buy mine there. Other than that the only new release I'm interested in is that complete "Twilight Zone" set. My copy has already been shipped from another major online retailer (you might say they're the best online retailer on the planet) and it's scheduled to arrive on Monday and I have to say "ouch" to all the b&m prices listed in the roundup. I got mine for $25 less than Amazon, $55 less than Best Buy and $100 less than Circuit City (it was just under $200 with the speedy shipping) AND I'll get it a day early.
  7. Greg_S_H

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    North Texas
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    Don't know, but that Best Buy $1.99 CD-ROM may be the collected Ultimate X-Men comics. I've seen that CD-ROM on display at my local Best Buy. At least, I think it was a CD-ROM.

    I may have to bite on the Three's Company deal. I have only purchased S1 so far, but I've been getting back into the show lately and wouldn't kick a free season out of the changer. I may even buy a second copy of season 8 and give it to my sister. That way, I'd be getting three seasons out of the deal!
  8. Craig S

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    League City, Texas
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    Craig Seanor
    I'll be grabbing the new Bogart box, Stargate SG-1 S9, & The Little Mermaid.

    Speaking of TLM, those with a Fry's nearby may want to head there to pick up the 1989 Disney classic - it's being advertised in the Houston area for $13.99.

    Mike, thanks as always for the Roundup. BTW, nice pairing of the Bogie pic with the Thank You For Smoking poster.
  9. Keith I

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    May 23, 2004
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    Amazon.com now has the movie-only X-Men: The Last Stand (widescreen) for $13.99.
  10. EricTB

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    May 10, 2003
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    Picking up X-Men 3 at Target and The Little Mermaid this week [​IMG].
  11. Malcolm R

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    Feb 8, 2002
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    I believe they've also dropped The Little Mermaid to $14.99.
  12. Dennis Nicholls

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    Oct 5, 1998
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    Boise, ID
    Real Name:

    I already have Casablanca SE and Treasure of SM SE so maybe I'll look into just the second Bogie Box.
  13. Brian L D

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    Dec 3, 2003
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    I was going to get X-Men 3 this week, but now that word is out about the double dip, I'll wait for the 2 disc version.

    I'm confused about the POTA TV series. Is it the 2 disc animated one or the 4 disc live action? Best Buy's web site shows the 4 disc live action series.
  14. RickER

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
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    I thought the Planet of the Apes was a rerelease of the live action series only in a slimmer package than back in 2001.
    Didnt the animated series already come out on its own?
  15. Patrick.C

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    Jul 6, 2004
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    Best Buy is having a Cars preorder deal - put $5 down on Cars and get $5 off on any Disney DVD $14.99 or higher. That makes The Little Mermaid $9.99.
  16. george kaplan

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    Mar 14, 2001
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    Thanks as usual.

    A busy week.

    Bogart Vol. 2 (I'm assuming there's nothing in vol. 1 that isn't just a repackaging - if anyone knows otherwise, please let us know)

    Monty Python & the Holy Grail (apparently it's fixed and a new transfer)

    Little Mermaid (apparently nowhere near what it should be, but still an improvement over the old one)

    Body Double (assuming improved PQ, haven't heard anything on this)
  17. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan Peterson Second Unit

    Jun 21, 2006
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    X-Men 3, Little Mermaid, Three's Company Season 8 and MXC all this week. Also Hunt For Red October for $5.99 and the new Jet and Killers cd's. Expensive week for me.
  18. TravisR

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    The basement of the FBI building
    Bigger week for me:

    Body Double
    The Little Mermaid
    South Park: The Hits (solely because it has The Spirit Of Christmas short on it)
    The Woods

    and at some point, I'll pick up The Maltese Falcon re-release. 'Some point' will probably be when I see it in the store and crack. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the prices!
  19. nolesrule

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    Aug 6, 2001
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    Clearwater, FL
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    Joe Kauffman
    The Little Mermaid is it for me this week.

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