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WB-how about a Cruising SE? (1 Viewer)


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May 8, 2001
Any chance of this controversal flick getting a dvd release?
It's not a great movie & i never liked it much. But since it did cause quite a stere when released & is still debated today when mentioned.......a SE would make it all worthwhile & i would definatly be interested in picking it up then.
I've heard various things such as the studio cut out around 40mn & ruined it & that the the director would like to get his version released. I have'nt been able to find out anything on this.but if it's true...a restored Director's Cut would be great. Maybe the movie would be slightly better,though still dark,unsettling & open to debate?
It doesn't havent to be a 'loaded' SE,just a few informative,intersting extras..........
New in depth documentary on the film & controvery around it with interviews with the cast/crew + reps from gladd ect veiws on the film. Maybe even show any newspapers/ tv news reports ect on it.
Commentary with William F. a must!
trailer, tv spots.
deleted footage
+ Director's Cut of film with original & remastered soundtracks.
OAR is a must! It's scary that you have to request/remind studios to release films in there OAR......that should be a no braier.
Maybe this would shed new light on the film & everyone will look at it differnetly now with a more open mind? I never thought it was great,but after reading a couple posts on other boards where people pointed out certain things that are good & not good about the film. I took alook at it on tv,watched a few parts & while still not perfect,not 'nearly' as bad as i originaly thought. It's has alot of plot holes(maybe a DC would help?),but still an intersting grim,unpleasent film nonetheless thats hard to forget.
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Ed Vandeweerd

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May 9, 2000
I'm with you for an SE of "Cruising" ...I like a little controversy now and then

Ed Vandeweerd
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Will K

Feb 6, 2001
Personally, I think this is one of the sleaziest, most nihilistic movies I've ever endured. It's also a bit understood. I don't know if I could collect the movie for repeat viewings, but I'd sure like to see Friedkin's original cut and some interviews with everyone involved.
It rubs the DVD on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.
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Jon Hertzberg

Mar 6, 2001
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I happen to be a big fan of this largely misunderstood film and it's one of the top films on my wishlist. With the great FRENCH CONNECTION disc out, it's really whetted my appetite for a CRUISING release. I've posted before on this film; while not a perfect film, it has some great moments, and is being constantly being re-evaluated and has had lots of positive reaction in its limited re-release screenings. A new print was struck not too long ago and has played several times at San Francisco's Roxie and New York's Film Forum. It seems that Friedkin wants to do a special edition and anyone watching the current version of CRUISING can see that it's been heavily edited, often quite harshly. There are a lot of stories surrounding this film and it goes places where almost no films have gone since. It's a startling, documentary-like look at a subculture and part of New York that no longer exists, yet there is more interest in this now more than ever. With all the changes the city has gone through in the last two decades, films that showcase and expose the 'old', 'pre-Guiliani', and now 'pre-September 11' New York, are that much more fascinating. So Warner, please consider a CRUISING special edition.

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