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"Dead Reckoning" 2020 (1 Viewer)


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I'm posting this here because I have a film I wrote coming out November 13 (streaming and on demand). I categorize it Dead Reckoning 2020 because I know there are about a dozen other films or series with that title, but the original title was Altar Rock and the distributor (Shout Factory) decided to change it to something immediately more commercial, I suppose. It's a good title, but that's why it's been used so many times. I don't see a dime from distribution or the blu ray in (January), but I wanted to post about it here because I've been a member of this community for more than a decade and it belongs announced here.

The film comes to distribution nearly five years since it was shot, thanks to a horror story of obstacles. The director cut about 20 pages of more character development that would have made it more of a nuanced romantic thriller, but the story is the same, just focusing on mostly the action moments. My health has deteriorated at the same time this movie has slogged through to finish, but I hope that is just a coincidence. I sold many scripts to studios in Hollywood in the 80s but they never got made (a studio would buy 150 scripts per year and shoot maybe 10), so it was an accomplishment to see my name survive to the end on this project.

If you want to post negative comments about the film, think again, and consider what it takes to get one of these made. I'm posting the trailer here, which is not as good as the original, is disjointed, and gives away many of the surprises in the story, but blame Shout on that one. I think the film itself came out okay, but the fight scenes are overdone, and there are too many explanations at the end. At least star KJ Apa is still playing a high school kid on TV (Riverdale), and so the delay in releasing this is not so big a deal (he's a college-age taxi driver here). If you do happen to see it and have any questions, post them here and I'll be glad to share many of the misadventures and mishaps that the script to film to distribution process went through. Even a $3 million indie is a minefield!

Thanks for reading (or watching).

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