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    hello, i have a yamaha htr-5460 reciever and it has video switching (s video and component).

    i was wondering if i plugged my cable box into my reciever, would i have to turn the reciever on everytime i wanted to watch cable tv? is there a way to have the video signals sent through without turning on the reciever?

    its because i don't want to have to turn on the reciever everytime i want to watch tv.

    my tv only has one s video in, and i plan to watch a few things with s video

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    If the cable box has only an antenna coax output to feed the TV, you cannot use the A/V receiver at all.
    If the cable box has both the antenna coax output and S-video, connect the S-video output to the A/V receiver and also connect the antenna coax directly to the TV antenna in.
    Then when you want superb picture and sound, turn on the receiver,if you want convenience, turn on just the TV to channel 3 or 4.
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