Upgrading memory-A few questions

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Bruce Hedtke, May 27, 2005.

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    I'm looking to upgrade my memory and these are probably basic questions but I want to be sure of what I'm doing before I buy:

    1-First, is it a matter of just taking out the old and plugging in the new and away you go or are there more steps I need to take?

    2-My motherboard has a 266Mhz FSB (this is another upgrade down the line). Is that speed of FSB going to be a problem installing memory or will basically any stick work with any motherboard?

    3-Right now, I have 512mb of memory by using two 256mb strips. Could I just buy another 512mb strip and be upgraded to 1Gig or do all the strips have to match in size?

    4-I'm thinking of just jumping to the next phase and buying a 1Gig (or perhaps 2 right away). Now there are options to get a 1Gig strip or a 1Gig strip that is 2x512mb...which would be the preferred strip or would the differences be nominal? I don't do much that is too intensive but seeing many games coming down the line that are recommending 1Gig of RAM, I want to future proof as much as possible.

    Thanks for any help you can give this noob.

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    I would get the 2x512, so when you buy your next motherboard you can run the ram in dual channel mode for increased performance. Dual channel requires two or four sticks of the same size and speed ram. That will give you a easy upgrade path to newer boards

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