Updating setup after 5 years of storage

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Vandar, Aug 27, 2013.

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    OK, my HIFI is out of storage after 5 years, but 5 years is a looong time and its time to look again at what I need as the world has moved on.

    All my music is MP3 now served on a NAS/DLNA server.
    Some of my films are digital on the same NAS/DLNA server and some are on DVD or BR discs.

    So … I’m after some advice about how best to utilize what I have and possibly any new gear to provide surround sound and HIFI again.

    I have the following equipment at the moment:

    Mission 753 (main)
    Mission M7DS (rear)
    Mission M7C1 (centre)

    Cyrus IIIi amp
    Cyrus power amp
    Yamaha DSP-E800 (only drivers rears and centre from memory)

    Marantz CD-63 mk II - KI Signature
    Western Digital TV Live
    Panasonic DMP – BD35

    Not sure if its possible to get one player for CD/DVD/Blu-ray/MP3/various digital film formats served locally or from a central DLNA server with a decent output. I’d be happy to replace the Marantz as the motor was getting worn and the Panasonic as it’s a pretty early BR player and I’m sure there are much better around now.

    Finally, my old setup was a little different as I had no sub-woofer (big Missions had enough umph) and I had the Yamaha feeding into the Cyrus IIIi but there was always some miss-match or earth loop that was annoying.

    I’m all ears :)
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    Yes modern BD players are available as network models. MKV is the most common, and most players have support. If anything other...just look for models with support for your file types.

    DLNA support(even if it is still rough around the edges) is rampant now. Almost everything that streams, or calls itself network ready, uses DLNA.

    Most would tell you to get the Oppo(whichever one you care to spend the money on)...as it does everything.

    Your choice of "brain"(AVR/pre-pro) comes down to what features you want/need and cost you are willing to spend.

    I'm not up on the European* market...but I'd start my search with Cambridge. Can you get NAD over there?

    *Assuming Europe as you said "HiFi" and you have Mission speakers, which haven't been sold in the US in way too long.

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