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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Jean D, Oct 11, 2004.

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    I was curious if anyone has encountered a similar problem.

    I have a cheap Terk antenna in the attic to recieve several local HD feeds. It was hooked up and working perfectly fine. But last week I went to watch "Lost" on one of those channels, but I recieved no feed (picture or sound). My first assumption was that the antenna had somehow gotten unplugged or a cable became loose. I went up and checked and everything was fine, so I then tried to re-possition it, still nothing. I will get a good antenna once the rest of my roof gets done probably next year. But for now, is there anything I forgot to check or anything? has this happened to anyone else before? Its pretty mentally frustrating to not know what is wrong.
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    Yes with digital signals, that happens. With analog when there is bad enough reception you will still see something. I had a station cutting in and out since I get HD-TV from 2 cities and this particular station was in a slightly different direction. I stuck a second antenna up in the attic for it ($21-22 Channel Master outdoor 4-Bay UHF bow tie) and an A/B switch downstairs so I can go back and forth. You do lose perhaps about 25% of the signal in the attic give or take a little. antennaweb.org gives you good info on where the broadcast towers are. I have an antenna pre-amp on the main VHF/UHF antenna to amplify the actual signal (vs. a distribution amp) and have another one laying around and may eventually play with it on the other antenna to see if it improves signal strength vs. adding more noise.

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