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Discussion in 'Displays' started by RichAS, Mar 27, 2005.

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    This is my first post. I am in the market for a 60 inch tv - definately projection but not sure if DLP, LCos, or Sony's LCD projection.

    My problem is I am not sure if 60 or 54 inch would be best. In store I like the 60 inch better. Standing in front of screen the 60 inch looks fine in both HD and standard resolution. The problem for me is that viewing a TV in store standing up is different than sitting on sofa at home. I have about 9 feet of distance from myself to front screen of tv. IS there a reference chart that discusses MINIMUM viewing distance for certain screen sizes such as:

    50 inches TV - 9 feet min distance
    60 inches TV - 10 feet Min Distance

    Etc...if anyone knows of such guidelines I would appreciate a link.

    Also if anybody can add comments to the DLP, Lcos, or LCD Projection debate I would love to hear it. I am in a barely small room with only 1 small window so its not too bright which would be perfect for projection set.

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    A lot depends on what you are going to be watching. If you watch a lot of HD and watch DVD movies than 9' away from a 60" screen is just fine. If you watch a lot of "regular" cable than you are going to see a lot of artifacts from close up. I find that RP people recommend watching their "big" sets further away than FP people. So you may get a lot of different answers. I have a front projector and watch from 10' back on a 76" screen. It is 480p and I ONLY watch DVD's. It is absolutely fine from that distance. Just keep in mind that when you get it home it will look HUGE!! You will probably look at it and think "I can't believe I bought something this &^%*('N BIG!!". Just give it time.......t.v.'s magicaly shrink over a few weeks.

    As for the LCD/DLP/Lcos thing......there is A LOT of things to learn about each technology. Some common positives about each technology are; LCD teng to have excellent colors, DLP has great black levels and Lcos CAN (still very new) have excellent colors and black levels.....maybe not as good color as LCD and blacks as DLP but close. Negatives for each would be; LCD can have screendoor issues, DLP has rainbows and Lcos really has not been "mass marketed" yet so it really is too new to give a lot on info on them. With that said, I have compared all of the technologys a great deal all using calibrated sets (a MUST when seriously comparing) and the JVC DILA (Lcos) is absolutely amazing. I would get that before LCD or DLP after seeing them all next to each other. I don't care how "new" the technology was THAT good. Just don't go by what you see in Best buy or other like places.....they all look like crap there [​IMG]. When I buy a new set for tv viewing I (which wont be for a awhile) I already am planning on whatever 50" DILA is out at that time. It won't be for movies though......FP is what I will ALWAYS have for that duty. Best of luck to you and hope this helped a bit.

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