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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Will-Layfield, Aug 12, 2004.

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    May 17, 2004
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    Last christmas I asked for gift cards to BB so I could have some help in buying a nicer tv in my quest for a true hometheater. I had been using an old Toshiba 13" tv from like 1990. So I wound up getting alot of money to help me like $200+ dollars in gift cards which enabled me, which I thought at the time, a nicer TV then I would have been able to get. In the price range I was looking the Sony 27" FD(flat display?) trinitron wega because to me it had the best picture of all the tv's I was looking at. It is still a tube based analog set so I am wondering how does this limit me in my HT. Is it able to handle a progressive scan display from a dvd player? I guess I just want to know what kind of buy I made. At the time I wasn't researching my purchases like I am now. Would the lowest priced HDTV been better than this? Thanks for your help.
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    Well you didn't provide a model number so I'm assuming your reffering to the Sony KV-27FS120?? Here's a tid-bit...assuming it's the one in question.

    The sony 27 in FD Trinitron WEGA TV is a 27-inch, medium sized television.Compared to other medium sized TVs on the market, it is expensive at around $615.
    Pros: Has a 3D digital comb filter, which is considerably more favorable than some similarly priced TVs.In fact, the average cost of a product with this favorable a comb filter is $1,345.(A 3D filter is one of the best types available, and is "motion adaptive," meaning it utilizes a special method for clearing up the moving parts of the picture, as opposed to the static parts.)Also, this TV has two tuners, which is considerably more favorable than some similarly priced TVs.(Having two tuners comes in handy when you want to view two broadcasts at once, using PIP.)
    Cons: None noted, given available product data.
    Suitability: A medium sized TV, suited for home entertainment.
    Value: In general, this TV's features are in line with its price.However, the average price of medium sized televisions with similar viewable size is quite a bit less -- right around $460.
    Suggestions: For help in understanding the various types of TVs and their features, see the TV buying guide at CNET Reviews.

    Hope that helps! sounds like a decent mid-sized television with a good comb filter, a little overpriced as most Sony's are but they do strive to provide quality customer service and a great product for the most part when it comes to television's.....JMO
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    Ahhh, buyers remorse.
    If that was the best picture you saw at the time, then it works for YOU!
    The specs listed for this set:
    Jacks, IN-OUT:
    Audio Inputs, Total Number 3
    Monitor Output Yes
    Component Input Sets, Total Number 2
    Composite Video Inputs, Number 3
    S-Video Inputs, Number 2
    Analog Audio Output Yes
    Analog Audio Output, Type Fixed/Variable

    It has 2 component video connections, along with inputs, that should make your viewing experience great. You can connect your DVD player, and a High Definition Set Top Box. Whether the STB is from Cable or Satellite, your picture will look great!
    Could you have purchased a better set??? Sure, but how much $$$ did you have to spend?
    You've got a great TV, and as long as YOU enjoy it, what difference does it make?
    When you acquire more knowledge, boy, are you going to be in trouble!!!
    You'll start suffering from upgradeitis,[​IMG] and be spending so much money on , WHAT IS THE BEST, you'll then start asking, why did I ever start this hobby to begin with????[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Will, please note that we have a specific area devoted to the discussion of displays, which is where this thread now is located.

    Re your question about prog-scan signals, irrelavant. Since the 27-inch WEGA is an NTSC-only set, it cannot accept a progressive-scan signal. You would have to set the DVD player at interlaced output only.

    While a truly nice set, the WEGA cannot match a display capable of 480p and 1080i. If your budget allows, save up for an HD-capable set. It's just so late in the game to be spending money on an NTSC-only monitor.
  5. Kenneth Harden

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    Look at some of the 30" widescreen HD units. BUILT-IN HD tuners (the Samsung IIRC), amazing picture, and something that will last you for a very long time.

    Yes, they are about a grand, but save up and bite the bullit.

    A 30" widescreem displaying a 1:1.78 picture is the same as a 33" standard TV displaying the same image.

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