Toy Story Trilogy Ultimate Edition (Blu-Ray)?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by classictvfan91, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Ian Hayden
    To Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment:
    I would like to suggest a Blu-Ray box set of the Toy Story Trilogy, with all previously released special features, all-new special features, and rare and unreleased material.
    Text commentaries should be included for all three movies.
    All-new full-length documentaries and picture-in-picture commentaries (and all-new audio commentaries plus previously released commentaries) should be included for Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
    Guides to in-jokes should be included for all three movies.
    All the teasers, theatrical trailers, promos, commercials with the characters, and TV spots should be included.
    English subtitles should be included for all three movies and the special features.
    All of the "Toy Story Treats" should be included.
    More extensive photo galleries should be included.
    BD-Live and BD-Java features should be included.
    Production notes and cast/crew biographies should be included.
    The scripts for all three movies should be included.
    All the material in the set should be in HD.
    The original Walt Disney CGI logo and the opening music should be returned to the opening of the movies.
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    I think the market's flooded with Toy Story releases at the moment. I've got the three basic releases on Blu-ray already, and I've no intention of picking up the 3D editions, so I'd not be wildly enthusiastic about a must-have, collectors' box that included everything about the movies from previous releases and then some.
    If it were up to me, I'd wait until 2015 to do a 20th Anniversary set and pull out all the stops then.
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    Honestly, not to rain on anyone's parade, I won't dump on anyone's wishes to have it, or speculate on its likelihood or viability... by all means, go ahead and ask for it, 'cause it would be nice to have a comprehensive edition at some point...
    Speaking only for myself, I have already bought these movies 3-4 times on disc. Disney have multi-dipped shamelessly on these movies. Having got the cheesy BR/DVD/DC set (only when it was heavily discounted months after its release) which is more showy than practical, toybox shaped with the cheap foam insert (I'm on the lookout for a standard disc case to house this set - I've already doubled up the first toybox and anni editions of 1&2 in one case) I'm not about to spend another dime on them now.
    However somewhere down the line if they came out with a comprehensive set that would include all this previous existing stuff, organized well, and consolidated onto a reasonable number of discs, meaning I could replace the old discs... with some kind of practical packaging, and other incentives like new features, better transfers, etc, sure I might consider picking it up whenever it goes on a heavily discounted sale, as most of these sets do.
    I voted yes, but I just can't buy it for a while...

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