Toshiba 32W8DB Geometry problem

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Shaun Barry, Sep 3, 2003.

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    Hi all.

    First post so please be kind!

    Basically i've had this TV set for about 2 years and never paid much attention to its Geometry problems, but now that I've recently bought a DVD player to accomodate it, i've noticed some problems in Wide Screen mode. Come to mention it, the 'Super Live' mode is also off a bit to the right (When watching MTV the logo is 10% missing)

    The screen seems to be off to the left and right and also a slight trapezoid problem. I've read how to get into the Service Menu by pressing Mute and MENU, but it looks a bit daunting and without knowing what settings to change I'm a bit reluctant to do it.

    What I'm asking is, if there is a kind of 'reset to factory settings' mode? As I bought it used, it looks as though someone has been playing around it and made a mess of it.

    If this is not possible, would anyone know if it possible to obtain the optimal values for each menu? I.e If you have a 32w8db would you be able to make a note of the settings so I could replicate them onto my tv?

    I've searched long and hard for this information and have found nothing... [​IMG]

    Many Thanks and apologies if I'm asking the impossible!!!

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    You'll need a disc like Avia or equivalent.

    You might want to take it to a service center if still under warranty. center locator.

    You might post your question here. They have forums for each major manufacturer.

    You might want to ask this guy if he can get the service manual/data sheet for your tv.

    Found something here that might help though its a different model.

    Other places to get the service manuals.

    Check this out here.

    Toshiba tips and tricks

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