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Oct 5, 2005
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Hah, if I were to name 12 films I really like but there is a lot of hatred for, it'd be really 12 films a lot of people probably dislike:

(1) Back to the Beach - underrated romp with Frankie Avalon. Makes me laugh everytime.
(2) UHF - yes, it bombed at the theaters. Too bad, I still think it's funny. It wouldn't be one of the greatest films, but I like it.
(3) 13th Floor - I don't know why people hated it so much. It's not great scifi, but I found it passable.
(4) Muppets From Space - Sorry, I thought this was underrated.
(5) Treasure Planet - Has one of the best Disney animated song sequences of any 90s films.
(6) The Last Unicorn - how can a movie get so panned by critics.. but it appears I'm not alone amongst the audience. To me, a great adult/kid vehicle
(7) Titan AE - I actually enjoyed this quite a bit.
(8) Paycheck - this is in a lot of ways a really bad SciFi. But so what, I still had fun.
(9) Bean - You either like Rowan Atkinson or not. I pity those who do not.
(10) The Ice Storm - you know, this film has positive reviews. But if I ever bring it up as a film I think of that I really like every element to it, most of what I hear back is "BOOOORING" "Terrible!" But I've always thought The Ice Storm is a truly brilliant work of film

You want a dirty pleasure of a film that really is despised that I do enjoy? The Prophecy (1995), Christopher Walken. Such a creepy, weird at times film.

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