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Nov 15, 2004
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How so? The comics are wholly cartoony, the movie is photo real with some cartoony touches.

This illustrates how different the 2 look very well:

I completely misspoke. I meant to say that they translated it well from one to the other. Going further, the look of the characters isn't really hampered by the "uncanny valley" because they're doing cartoony things like in the comics.

Also, that's one of the best gags in the movie. :)

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Jul 21, 2018
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A genre all on its own where anything goes. Comic book movies have been produced at least since the 1960s (possibly earlier?).

However, despite a plethora of films based on comic books since its infancy very few have managed to entertain or engross me. The majority very much leave me disappointed.

It's got to a point where usually if any new film gets released be it Marvel or DC comics or any other I won't bother going to see it at the cinema or even at home. The majority that have been made over the last decade have been skipped on my part because up-to then all seemed repetitive and lacked any imagination.

Recently, an exception was made and decided to watch "The Batman" starring Robert Pattinson which I found deeply underwhelming and quite frankly it bored me to death.

Although to be honest most of the Batman movies never really appealed to me apart from the Jack Nicholson Joker one which was okay despite that being a long time ago when I saw it.

In my youth, "Dennis The Menace" was viewed at the cinema and found it immensely enjoyable and very funny. Not certain that same experience would be repeated if it was re-watched today.

Off the top of my head probably somewhere between 20 - 40 movies based on comics have been seen and only a few were appealing.

Very much thought "MIB" and "MIB 3" were fun movies with some nice touches and despite the ultra violence "Sin City" was a unique experience and enjoyable affair. Superman too managed to strike a good balance of humour with Christopher Reeve excellently cast as Clark Kent.

But those were exceptions from my experience.

Clearly, many cinema goers have a very deep fondness for films based on comic books especially over the last 10 years where many have been released and to favorable box office results hence the continued output to the present day.

Would be interesting to read other members opinions on this topic to see what their personal tastes are.

Any recommendations on what you think is a well made, intelligent, original and entertaining movie based on a comic book where it's evident (in your opinion) that much creative energy and artistic input has been applied resulting in a movie actually worth watching?

This IMDb list shows well over 100 movies based on comic books to refresh your memories:

The first film that springs to mind is Ghost Rider:

I'll also second the recommendations for The Rocketeer and V for Vendetta. You could also do a lot worse than the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Jim Henson animatronics in tandem with a dark, martial arts themed storyline. Very under-appreciated film from the director of Electric Dreams.

I also saw Dennis the Menace in the cinema (although it was released as just Dennis in the UK) and it remains a favourite to this day. Very well made film which I think a lot more people would enjoy if they didn't dismiss it as a kids' film. I particularly like the Jerry Goldsmith music score which works beautifully with all the comic set-pieces throughout the film. I can't fault any of the acting performances; they all do their part to create what I feel to be a distinctive cinema experience. You could do a lot worse than revisit this film as an adult.

I would also like to recommend the Raymond Briggs film When the Wind Blows. Has a much darker, adult theme than the more famous stuff like The Snowman and Father Christmas.
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