The Fasionable Sex and the City Season 5 Thread

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    With the start of SatC's 5th season on sunday I thought it was time to start a thread in the vein of the Buffy ones.

    The USA Today Article.

    If you haven't read the article yet heres a brief rundown:

    First off it talks about Season 5 and its shortness and how they cut season 5 from 12 to 8 episodes.

    It talks about how the characters are developing this season. They are focusing more on their careers in Season 5 then their love lifes.

    Sarah says in the interview that with only 8 days left of shooting she hadn't kissed a single guy yet.

    Now the bummer part of the article was that there will probably only be one more season of SatC as they would like to go out with a bang. Sarah and Micheal King have a meeting sometime soon with HBO to see what all HBO is willing to give them. It sure would suck for HBO to loose both the Sopranos and Sex and the City in the same year.

    She did say the plan is to do 20 episodes in Season 6 to make up for the shortness of Season 5. But she kept on saying that it depends on what the writers come up with as they all want the show to go out with people wanting more.

    She did mention instead of doing more episodes why not do a movie.
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    Watched the season premiere last night, a good episode. Poor Miranda, getting cut out of the gang like that... but her life seems to be ABOUT something now at least, the other gals' lives seem rather empty in comparison...
    Those weren't Miranda's real boobs were they? Didn't look like it.
    What's up with her nanny? Creeped me out.
    Charlotte's boob-show was pretty funny, didn't think she'd go for that, seemed sort of out of character. But "it bought her another three months" at least. [​IMG]
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    When does HBO show reruns of the Sunday night episode? I missed it. Doh!

    FYI: Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) is preggers in real life.
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