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Second Unit
Jan 22, 2000
Inside, Le Amp is built to deliver the best sonic performance possible from an amplifier of this class. The transformer uses 16 gauge wire. This lowers the impedance to only .65 ohms, which allows the required high current peaks to be delivered with great speed. Most transformers have an impedance of 5 ohms. The transformer is 400 V/A. This is powerful enough for a 400 watt amplifier, which allows the leAmp to work effortlessly with plenty of headroom. The rectifier is a heavy duty 35 amp bridge rectifier. The internal wiring we use can deliver more that 50 amps continuous with peaks in the range of hundreds of amperes. This amplifier will easily drive the most difficult of speaker systems. The power supply uses two very high quality 10,000 uf capacitors designed to deliver very fast high current transients that provide a rich transparent sonic quality.
Le Amp provides the quality of high-end sound that audiophiles expect to pay $1,000s for. Le Amps are available for $295.00 each. Please come back to this site in a couple of weeks and we should have some photos posted of Le Amp.
Inside Le Amp #1
Inside Le Amp #2
The photos on the top is of Le Amp without its case. The final case will be incredibly strong. We don't want to put a photo of the case up until it is fully painted and ready to ship. Le Amps will leave Thailand the second week of July. Some units are going out by air and will arrive to the US before the end of the month. By the way, the large white area is the 400 V/A transformer.

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