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UHD Review Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows UHD Review

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by todd-erwin, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Todd Erwin

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    Todd Erwin
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    If it's of any help with the 3D or 4K “coin toss”, this from the Prime Focus website:

    "Prime Focus World stereographer James Rees worked closely with Paramount VP of 3D Post Production Corey Turner on the stereo conversion of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, creatively leading the PFW stereo teams in Vancouver and India.

    “Corey is always fun to work with, and he really encouraged us to push the 3D in fun ways for this film,” said James Rees, Stereo Supervisor, Prime Focus World. “We played the show very deep but not very positive – ie. not pushed too far back beyond the screen plane. This meant that we could really have fun with things flying out of the screen – its like being on a ride!”

    Under Corey’s direction characters jump out of the screen, explosions and flying debris are brought super-negative and knives and throwing stars come whistling out over the audiences’ heads. He also briefed the team to ensure that the depth and volume in the CG characters matched the depth of the characters in the previous Ninja Turtles film.

    “Corey referenced the first movie (which we also worked on) in terms of the treatment of the characters,” continued James. “We were really able to amp up the depth in the characters on the first film because we had the z-depths from VFX house ILM, so the turtles had crazy amounts of volume which looked great on screen. We did that again for this one, pushing it even further, and then worked hard on the sculpting of the human characters to ensure it all worked together. Lots of volume, high detail – we really let the audience know that they are watching a 3D movie!”

    Access to ILM’s comps and elements packages was an important part of the stereo conversion process – especially with 7 CG characters appearing across 65-70% of the movie. PFW handled the extraction of the elements, including the deep comp elements that ILM had created. The Prime Focus team also augmented a number of key scenes with additional VFX elements to increase the audiences’ sense of immersion.

    “One of the stand-out scenes for me was Raf and Leo’s disagreement in their sewer lair,” offered James. “It was a practical set and we were able to create a ton of detail in the environment which looks really cool in stereo, stretching away well beyond the screen. We also augmented the whole scene with suspended dust particles – almost like a mist – that fills the space. As they swing their weapons the dust moves with the characters movement, which looks fantastic. We augmented a number of scenes throughout the movie, including the truck chase near the start for which we added debris and sparks and smoke, and the scene where they are floating down the Amazon, for which we added extra splashes and water"
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