"Tasuke" (John) hello from an Anime fan and Hi-Fi/ A/V enthusiast...

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Tasuke, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Tasuke

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    Oct 18, 2012
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    new here. Anime (Japanese Animation) fan since '94.
    found my way here while googling info on the SONY BDP-S300 BRDP that i just very recently
    came into possession of in a trade deal. my system composition, geared more towards
    2-channel Hi-Fi than HT, but serves my A/V needs just the same;
    * VSX-D1S TOTL 130w/ch. A/V Stereo Receiver (1990/1993)
    * PD-91 Reference Compact Disc Player (1988/1990) (upgraded with parts from a PD-3000, the JPN market version)
    * PD-M90X Reference Multi-Play CD Player (1987/1989) (the very first REFERENCE/ELITE multi-play CDP)
    * PL-115D Belt Drive 33/45 speed Stereo Turntable (197?) with PICKERING XL-15 Cartridge/Styli (197?)
    * CT-S800 (1988/1990) full-featured TOTL Single-Well LaserAmorphous-Head cassette deck, with casted-iron transformer
    * DV-500 DVD Player (1996/1997)
    * CLD-3030 TOTL Compatible Laser Disc Player (1988/1989)
    * GR-777 Ten Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer (1988/199?) (TOTL remote controllable EQ with dual spectrum display)
    * CS-G503 Four-Way Stereo Loudspeaker System (199?)
    * SE-305 Stereo Headphones (1972)
    * HR-S8000U TOTL S-VHS VCR with Digital FX (1988/1989)
    BDP-S300 Blu-Ray Player (2007)
    * BR-1180CD HD-Based Audio Recorder/Mastering Studio (2002)
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    Aberdeen, MD & Navesink, NJ
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    Sam Posten
    Neat setup Tasuke, welcome to HTF! What's that round thing with the arm thing on the right? =p

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