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    Anybody ever heard a pair of Technics SB-6000A linear phase 3-way speakers? I bought these babies in 1978. I paid what was then a chunk of change for these towers and they survived plenty of torture during my college days. If it weren't for the hole in one of the woofers they would still be in use. By the way any ideas on where I can find replacement woofers (13-3/4")? I wouldn't mind rebuilding the speakers if I could find the parts.

    One other question... I've got a Kenwood KX1030 integrated amp (same vintage)and would like to know if this could be used to drive a SVS sub. Excuse my ignorance but the Kenwood is still going strong and before I pack it off to the basement I thought I would ask the experts.

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    First, welcome to the Forum!

    How bad is the hole? They can often be patched very easily, especially if all the paper is still there.

    You can use the Kenwood for the SVS, but depending on the size of your room the SVS might be under powered. Don’t even ask about bridging the Kenwood.

    Before packing off the Kenwood to the basement, you might use it at a secondary location, like the garage, office etc.


    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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