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    b]Trade List[/b]

    Box Sets

    Alien Legacy Box
    Band Of Brothers Tin
    Charlie Chaplin Box Set
    Felicity Season 1
    Herzog/Kinski Box (box has some shelf wear)
    Jack Nicholson Box
    Kevin Costner Box
    Labyrinth & Dark Crystal Box Set
    Lethal Weapon Box Set
    Marilyn Monroe: The Diamond Collection Box Set
    Sopranos Season 1 (4 disc) Pending
    Sex And The City Season 1 (sealed)
    Space 1999 Set 1 (sealed)
    Spider-Man LE Collector's Gift Set (sealed)
    X-Files Season 6 (7 disc) (sealed)

    Others for Trade

    Airport (WS) (Sealed) OOP
    Airport 77 (WS) OOP
    An American Werewolf In London CE DTS
    Atlantis: The Lost World (Disney)
    Bordello Of Blood OOP
    Boogie Nights (2 disc)
    Catch Me If You Can (2 disc) (FS)
    Cats UE (2 disc)
    Cinderella 2 (Disney)
    Count Of Monte Christo, The
    Dead Zone, The (C.Walken)
    Demon Knight OOP
    Desperado SuperBit (sealed) DTS
    Destiny's Child: The Platinum's On The Wall
    Dogma SE (2 disc) (sealed)

    El Dorado: The Road To (SE)
    Enemy At The Gates
    E.T. CE (2 disc) DTS
    Flash Gordon OOP (S.Jones)
    Flesh Gordon
    Forrest Gump CE (T.Hanks) (2 disc) (sealed)
    Glengary Glenross SE (2 disc) DTS
    Independence Day 5* OOP (2 disc)
    Inspector Gadget 2 (Disney)
    Jackie Brown CE (2 disc) DTS
    Janet Jackson: The Velvet Rope Tour
    Kentucky Fried Movie
    Last Castle, The (R.Redford/J.Gandolfini) DTS
    Legend UE (T.Cruise) (2 disc)
    Lilo & Stitch (Disney)
    LOA OOP (2 disc)
    Majestic, The (J.Carey) (sealed)
    Mariah Carey: Around The World
    Mash 5* (2 disc)
    Manhunter LE (2 disc) (no insert)
    Mercury Rising CE
    Micky's House Of Mouse Villians (sealed) (Disney)
    Minority Report (T.Cruise) (2 disc) DTS
    Monty Python And The Holy Grail SE (2 disc)
    Mulholland Dr. (David Lynch) DTS
    NIN Live: All That Could Have Been (2 disc)
    Paulie (G.Rowlands)
    Panther OOP
    Peter Pan: Return To Neverland (sealed) (Disney)
    Prince Of Egypt CE
    Pulp Fiction CE (2 disc) (J.Travolta/S.L.Jackson)
    Reign Of Fire (M.McConaughey) DTS
    Resevoir Dogs: Mr. Brown (2 disc)
    Resevoir Dogs: Mr. Pink (2 disc)
    Resevoir Dogs: Mr. White (2 disc) (sealed)
    Road To Perdition (T.Hanks)
    Serpent And The Rainbow OOP
    Shirley Temple Story,The (sealed) (Disney)
    Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs PE (2 disc) (Disney)
    Star Wars II: AOTC
    Tarzon & Jane (sealed) (Disney)
    Time Bandits (Anchor Bay)
    Time Machine (G.Pearce/O.Jones) DTS
    Titus (A.Hopkins) (2 disc)
    Tombstone VS (K.Russel/V.Kilmer) (2 disc)
    U-571 CE (M.McConaughey/B.Paxton/H.Keitel) DTS
    Van Wilder (2 disc)
    Vicking Queen, The (Hammer)
    Waking The Dead (B.Crudup/J.Connelly) (sealed)
    Whispers, An Elephants Tale (no insert) (Disney)
    Winnie The Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (Disney)
    Winnie The Pooh: The Many Adventures Of (Disney)
    X-Files FTF OOP
    Yellow Submarine : Beatles


    Ali (W.Smith)
    An American Werewolf In London OOP
    Basic Instinct SE (M.Douglas/S.Stone) (w/icepick)
    Blood Work (FS) (C.Eastwood/J.Daniels)
    Bodyguard (K.Cosner/W.Houston)(no artwork)
    Con Air (N.Cage/J.Cusack/J.Malkovich)
    Daylight CE (S.Stallone)
    Devil's Nightmare/Messiah Of Evil
    Flintstones CE
    Forrest Gump CE (T.Hanks) (2 disc)
    G.I. Jane (D.Moore)
    Gaurdian, The (Anchor Bay)
    Glass House, The (D.Lane/L.Sobieski)
    Hair (J.Savage/T.Williams/B.D'Angelo) (Musical)
    Halloween H2O (a few scratches)
    Highlander: 10th Anniversary DC
    Hollywood Studios Vol 2 (Trailer Sampler)
    Jackal CE (B.Willis)
    John Mneumonic (K.Reeves)
    K-Pax CE (K.Spacey/J.Bridges) DTS
    La Femme Nikita OOP
    Lawnmower Man PS (P.Brosnan/J.Fahey)
    Liar, Liar (J.Carey)
    Little Vampire (J.Lipnicki)
    Little Rascals,The (vol. 1 & 2)
    Losin' It (T.Cruise/S.Long)
    Love And Basketball PS (O.Epps/S.Lathan)
    Mexican,The (J.Roberts/B.Pitt) DTS
    Ministry: Tapes Of Wrath
    Monkeybone SE (B.Fraser/B.Fonda) DTS
    Monster's Ball (B.B.Thornton/H.Berry)
    Mouse Hunt
    My Cousin Vinny (J.Pesci)
    National Lampoon's: Class Reunion (Anchor Bay)
    New York Ripper, The (Lucio Fulci) (Anchor Bay)
    Peacemaker, The (G.Clooney/N.Kidman)
    Pearl Harbor (B.Affleck/C.Gooding) (2 disc)
    Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (P-W.Herman)
    Players Club,The (B.Mac/M.Calhoun)
    Quick And The Dead, The (sealed)
    Rancho Deluxe (J.Bridges/S.Waterston)
    Rat Race SE (W.Goldberg/C.Gooding/J.Cleese)
    Return Of The Pink Panther,The (sealed)
    River Wild, The (M.Streep/K.Bacon)
    Rocky 3 (new one) (sealed)
    Right Stuff, The (E.Harris)
    Scream (no artwork)
    Space Jam OOP
    Stargate SG1 Vol. 2
    Stargate SE (K.Russel)

    Star Trek (widescreen) (Good Deal On All 5)
    : Star Trek II
    : Star Trek III
    : Star Trek IV
    : Star Trek V
    : Star Trek VI

    True Romance DC (C.Slater/R.Arquette)
    Twilight Zone vol. 1,2,4,7,10,11

    (Always interested in) (TV Series, Criterions, Concerts, Westerns, Box Sets, Superbits)

    High Wants ("Widescreen When Possible")

    American Me
    Armed And Dangerous
    Barbara Streisand Collection
    Bat 21*
    Best Little Whore House In Texas
    Buck And The Preacher*
    Buddy Holly Story,The

    Classic Monster Collection (Double Features)***
    : Dracula's Daughter / Son of Dracula*
    : Son of Frankenstein / The Ghost of Frankenstein*
    : The Mummy's Ghost / The Mummy's Curse*
    : The Mummy's Hand / The Mummy's Tomb*
    : Werewolf of London / She-Wolf of London*

    Clint Eastwood***
    : Any Which Way You Can
    : Bronco Billy
    : Dead Pool, The
    : Enforcer, The
    : Play Misty For Me
    : Rookie
    : Sudden Impact
    : Tightrope

    Criterion*** (any)

    : Golden Voyage Of Sinbad
    : Ghost And Mr. Chicken
    : Horse In The Gray Flannel Suit
    : Love Bug SE
    : Micky Mouse Tin
    : Pete's Dragon
    : Polyanna (Disney Vault)
    : Saludos Amigos
    : Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger
    : Sounder
    : Sword in the Stone
    : That Darn Cat

    Duel SE
    ELO: Zoom Tour Live
    Fun With Dick And Jane
    Gangs Of New York
    George Benson Live
    Halloween II (REMASTERED) (or 2 & 3 together)
    Hard Bounty

    Hitchcock's / CE's / CC's*
    : Jamaica Inn (low)
    : Lady Vanishes CC
    : To Catch a Thief (low)

    Led Zeplin (2 disc)
    Loose Cannons
    Luther Vandross Live
    Marx Bros
    New Releases
    NFL Films: Vault Collection
    Quick Change

    : A Knight"s Tale
    : Adaptation
    : Anaconda
    : Bad Boys
    : Big Hit
    : Charle"s Angels
    : Das Boot
    : Dracula
    : From Here To Eternity
    ; Gattaca
    : Heavy Metal
    : Heavy Metal 2000
    : Hollow Man
    : Legend Of The Falls
    : Mask Of Zorro
    : MIB 1 & 2
    : One, The
    : Punch-Drunk Love
    : Quick And The Dead
    : Resident Evil
    : Seven Years In Tibet
    : Snatch
    : Starship Troopers
    : Vampires
    : Vertical Limit
    : XXX

    TV-Cable Shows
    : Angel Season 1
    : Charlie's Angels Season 1
    : C.S.I Season 2
    : Dark Andel Season 1
    : Dark Shadows 3,4,5
    : Dawson's Creek Season 1
    : Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman Season 1
    : Friends 3,4
    : Good Times Season 2
    : Highlander Season 2
    : Jeffersons Season 2
    : La Femme Nikita Season 1
    : M.A.S.H. 3,4
    : Osborne's Season 1 (lower)
    : Profiler: Mind Over Matter
    : Red Skelton Box Sets
    : Saint, The 1,2,4
    : Sanford And Son Season 2
    : Sex And The City Season 4
    : Simpsons: Season 3,4
    : Son Of The Beach
    : Twilight Zone Collection 2,3,4,
    : X-Files 7
    : Xena Season 1

    Working Girl*

    Lower Wants

    A Chorus Line
    A Man Called Horse
    All The Presidents Men
    Bad News Bears
    Bangles Greatest Hits
    Bob Hope
    : How To Committ Marriage
    : Prince And The Pirate, The
    : Road To Hong Kong:
    : Robin And The Seven Hoods
    Big Jake
    Brewster's Millions
    Cahill: U.S. Marshall
    Cars Live
    Comancheros, The
    Desperately Seeking Susan
    Dream Team
    Driving Miss Daisy (WS)
    Endangered Species
    Fabuluos Thunderbirds
    Fatal Beauty
    Father Of The Bride (1950)
    Fletch 2
    Flight Of The Intruder
    4 For Texas
    George Michael : Best of
    Heavens Gate
    Hunt For Red October SE
    Hustler SE
    Inlaws, The
    Jerk, The
    Jumping Jack Flash
    L.A. Confidential
    Look Who's Talking Too
    Man Called Horse
    Muscle Beach Party/Ski Patrol
    Missiouri Breaks
    Murphy's Romance
    North To Alaska
    Omega Man
    Once Bitten
    Pancho Villa
    Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
    Patriot Games SE
    Peacemaker DTS
    Red Badge Of Courage
    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
    Renaissance Man
    Ride The High Country
    Rio Lobo
    River Of No Return
    Soylent Green
    Time Rider
    Tom Horn
    Turner And Hooch
    V.I. Warshawski
    War Wagon
    Warriors, The
    Young Guns SE

    Also, I would like 2 VHS George Washington Slept Here and Never Too Late

    *******Empty Boxes*******

    Alfred Hitchcock Box
    Bond Collection Box 1 (1st pressing)
    Dirty Harry Box
    Friday Box
    Lethal Weapon Box (3 disc)
    MIB Box
    Mummy Box, The
    Paul Newman Box
    Pink Panther Box
    Reservoir Dogs Box
    Sinbad Collection Box
    Steven Segal Box
    Tom Cruise Box
    Travolta Box
    Tremors Box

    "thanks for looking"
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    Band Of Brothers Tin : added
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