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    Kym Orr
    I have been getting what seems to be radio transmissions through my subwoofer. I have two stacked behind my right front speaker. Only the one on top seems to be getting it. Her's what I have done so far to remedy this:

    - I switched all my subwoofer cables

    - I put a interference filter in between my cable from the wall and my digital cable box

    - I have ferrite chokes on all my power cords and subwoofer cables

    - I have changed around all my power cords to different AC outlets.

    None of this is working! The sound coming from the one subwoofer sounds like a CB or Ham radio transmitting and receiving every 10 seconds or so.

    Anybody have any new ideas for me besides rewiring my house or buying new equipment? BTW, I have no other strange noises coming from any of my other speakers.
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    Go to rat shack and get an RF filter. Plug the filter into the AC outlet then plugth esub into the filter.

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