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    I posted about this before but I never made any progress.

    I am ready to cut the tube for a Adire Alignment Tempest vented sonotube, everything else is done. The plans on the Adire website call for 64 ounces of polyfill. I assume the stuffing is because the cabinet size is 214L and the driver could use more. How does one stuff a sonotube and not have all of the stuffing sitting at the bottom on top of the driver, cause that can't be good?

    I think not stuffing is not the best idea, I suspect Dan calls for it in the plans for a reason!!

    I know most people just line their tubes with the sheet polyfill, which is a great idea. But no conversion is available meaning how much lining equals 64oz of stuffing. And this lined tubes are designed that way which the Adire Alignment is not.

    Please help
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    Ported enclosures are lined, sealed enclosures are stuffed.

    The lining is usually attached to the walls of the enclosure with hot glue or spray adhesive.

    When stuffing a tube sub I compress a roll of poly batting slide it through the woofer cutout, and let it expand inside the tube. If it's big and heavy take a piece of the batting and glue it to the sidewalls to form a barrier between the back of the woofer and the rolled up material

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