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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Ted Lee, Jan 26, 2005.

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    hi all -

    i'm not very familiar with stand-alone tivo units (mine is integrated into my directv box).


    let's suppose we have a hd box that includes regular composite/s-video outputs (as they pretty much all do). if i hooked those composite outputs to a stand-alone tivo unit via the tivo's analog inputs, would the tivo record the hd signal?

    i understand that the pic is downconverted, etc. it seems like it should work since both the output of the hd box and the input of the tivo are both analog???

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    Dec 22, 2003
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    i was just in circuit city today trying to get an answer to this question, it seems logical that it would and a great solution to those of us not wanting to take the 1000 plunge for the d-tv hd and tivo combo, i wouls also liike to add to the question where does the program guide for the tivo come from? is it phone line or through the cable/dtv feed
    what i was thinking of is just buying the hd dtv box without tivo and buying the dtv standard box with the tivo and put it on diffrent inputs, it only cost an extra $5 to add a second reciver i think so it sounds logical
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    I'm doing that right now with a Hughes E86 HD box and a series I DirecTivo. The DirecTivo records EVERYTHING I want to watch. If I'm in front of the TV when something is on in HD, then I'll watch it on the HD receiver.

    BTW, dtv is the accronym for Digital Television. D* is the acceptable abbreviation for DirecTV. This makes it easier to understand when talking about D* HD receivers since they can receive a DTV signal.


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