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  1. Shade Watson

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    Jan 24, 2001
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    I've read through most of this short forum. I have several questions.
    Do the DirectTivo units function as a satellite receiver also, or are they separate from the satellite receiver?
    I went to the Sony web site and saw their satellite receiver with Tivo built in. Is this a typical DirectTivo, or something different?
    Currently I have a 27" Sony TV. I would like to upgrade to a large widescreen rear projection HDTV sometime next year.
    I have heard that the Tivo will not record in HD, and that it is not likely to be able to any time soon, is this correct?
    How do you incorporate a Tivo device in with a HDTV broadcast?
    Do you just bypass the Tivo when you want to watch a source that is outputing in HD?
    I currently have digital cable now, but I could easly switch to satellite. In fact I may want to do that anyway. For the moment I seem to be getting all of the movie channels for free from cable, so I will wait for them to figure that out before I consider satellite.
    Since I am still wide open as far as my video system (TV, and type of service) goes, I would appreciate any advice as to what you guys think is the best course for me to take.
    Should I go with satellite or digital cable?
    Should I go with a stand alone Tivo or a DirectTivo?
    By the way, I have a full 5.1 DD audio system, so I could make use of any digital audio outputs from these devices. Also I think that I could receive the local stations over satellite where I live (Houston, TX).
    Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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    Oct 24, 2000
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  3. John Welch

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    Note that a DirectTivo will ONLY record a satellite signal. You will not be able to record any OTA or cable broadcast. The reason for this is the DirectTivo has no MPEG decoder in it and records the already encoded signal from the satellite.

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