speaker wire, which should i use??

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    Oct 26, 2002
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    ok. ive been doing some research about speaker wire gauge but im not sure if i understand what type ive got. ive got 2 rolls at the moment rated :-

    13strand * 0.2mm and 79strand * 0.2mm

    am i right in thinkiong this works out as 2.6mm(13 gauge??) and 15.8mm(big) total area??

    the first wire seems fairly thin compared to similar wire ive seen on the internet rated 14/16 gauge but its hard to tell from pictures.

    sorry if this sounds like a daft question but any help appreciated.

    cheers mike
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    Sep 24, 2002
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    I was ready to post a new thread but will add to your question since it is somewhat related.

    My question is: can 2 different guage speak wires be used if the lengths of the runs are different? My fronts and center lenght requirements are about 15 feet, so I was thinking 14g; my rears are 40 - 50 feet runs each, so I was thinking 12g for them. Is this OK? Would my reciever get damaged if I use 2 different guages? Thanks JEFF

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