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Alan Erceg

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Jul 16, 1999
I had a new head unit put in my 2003 Cavalier a while back at CC which is where I bought the unit. I had them install it because I had no clue how to and I didnt know anyone who could do it, so I didnt have much of a choice. Installation went fine, I didnt update speakers as I didnt have the extra cash. I now notice that when I am driving that on my side(driver's side) the door speaker and the tweeter(on the dash) doesnt seem to be outputing much if any sound. The speaker on the door seems to put out some sound, but not nearly as much as the other side, and the tweeter doesnt seem to be putting out anything. Its nothing major but annoys the crap outta me. This didnt start right away, but probably about 2 weeks ago..I think I had the head unit installed mid September or so. Is there someting that I can check myself to see what could be causing the problem that wouldnt involve taking the dash apart. I did get the protection on the head unit from CC, but didnt want to go back there unless I had to.

Any help would be appreciated.

My head unit is an Alpin CDM-9823

here is a pic of it...


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Nov 5, 2004
if you know how to take the cd player out, you could do that and just check to make sure all the wire connections are still solid and not coming apart. if you're not willing to do that, you could take it back to cc and ask for them to check it out and see if the headunit is malfunctioning and causing the speakers to act the way they are. but maybe the speakers are just going out? you can also check all of the settings on the cd player to see if you somehow equalized it all to one side of the car or something of that sort.

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