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Sony HS20 front projector announced at Cedia (1 Viewer)

Michael Mathius

Senior HTF Member
Nov 12, 2000
INDIANAPOLIS (CEDIA, Booth #112), Sept. 4, 2003 - Responding to the growing demand for high-performance, compact and portable front projectors, Sony Electronics today announced next generation Cineza® portable LCD projectors, the VPL-HS20 and VPL-HS3 models.

The 2003 models feature improved brightness and enhanced picture detail versus previous models in the line and provide high resolution and greater contrast ratio to bring home a dynamic viewing experience. The two new projectors are simple to set-up and easy to use--- ideal for larger screen, consumer home entertainment applications.

"We're seeing explosive growth in the portable home theater projector category," said John Revie, director of marketing for Sony Electronics' Home Products Division. "Projectors are no longer confined to the professional environment; people are attracted to bigger screen entertainment with astonishing video detail at an affordable price. And these new models offer the best of both worlds, strong performance and a terrific value that allows an exceptional home theater entertainment experience."

Compact Size, Powerful Performance

With their light and attractive, compact design, the Cineza digital home theater projectors are perfect for video enthusiasts to carry from room to room or house to house.

Leading the line-up is the VPL-HS20 model, which delivers vivid, crisp and smooth images and can be used on a tabletop or ceiling mounted for screen sizes of 40- to 300-inches. It incorporates three wide XGA LCD panels for 1386 x 788 resolution, and up to 1400 ANSI lumens OEP (Optical Engine Power), optimized for video input content. ANSI measures traditional data projectors' brightness while OEP measures video projector's brightness rating.

Contrast level is also improved with the new Cinema Black Pro feature. This new breakthrough feature improves upon last year's Cinema Black function by adding simultaneous control of the lamp (low, high) and the iris (on, off) for optimal image quality and contrast level for any screen size and room environment. With the new Cinema Black Pro feature, the VPL-HS20 projector achieves 1300:1 contrast ratio.

This new home theater projector also includes the advanced 12-bit panel driver that achieves four times more color gradation than the model it is replacing in the line. It also has a new I/P converter that allows not only video signal conversion, but also high-definition signal conversion that reproduces more image detail and smooth, film-like pictures.

Additionally, the VPL-HS20 projector incorporates CineMotion® reverse 3:2 pull-down circuitry for optimum film-based video source display.

Numerous inputs allow for home theater content to be delivered from such video sources as HDTV sets, VCRs, and standard and progressive-scan DVD players. Providing the latest digital connection, an HDMI interface is included for receiving copy-protected, high-definition video content to be delivered from a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible set-top box.

It also includes a Memory Stick® media slot for convenient viewing of favorite JPEG images and MPEG1 files. Additionally, the new projector can be connected to a computer using an optional cable.

The VPL-HS20 home entertainment projector features the Side Shot™ 2 digital keystone correction, offering flexible room placement. For example, the projector can be placed on an angle to the screen, yet still project clear, centered images. This feature expands the correctable area by simultaneously adjusting the image both horizontally and vertically for more accurate, centered correction. It can also help save valuable front-and-center space in the room for viewers.

The lower priced VPL-HS3 model was created for those with limited space (40- to 150-inch screen size) or the need for informal home entertainment for watching movies, playing video games or showing homemade video. It integrates many of the technical advancements of its sibling, VPL-HS20 such as the new Cinema Black Pro feature for enhanced contrast level and brightness.

In addition, it has a wide VGA LCD panel (858 x 484 resolution), up to 1200 ANSI lumens OEP and an 800:1 contrast ratio with Cinema Black Pro feature. It can be placed closer to the screen than before with shorter throw distance--- under 7-feet when using an 80-inch screen--- a significant improvement from the previous model.

The new VPL-HS20 and VPL-HS3 Cineza LCD projector models will be available in October for about $3,500 and $1,500, respectively.

Here is some additional info on the Sony HS20


Larry Talbot

Second Unit
Jun 8, 2003
What I want to know is, what is this likely to do to the price of the HS10, which is apparently being discontinued?

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