"Somewhere In Dreamland" Fleischer 'Toons DVD: re-released???

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Jeffrey Nelson, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Jeffrey Nelson
    So, apparently this DVD comp of Fleischer cartoons from VCI entitled "Somewhere In Dreamland" flew under my radar in December 2002.

    I just found it for sale at a video store, and it's got a 2005 date on the back, along with a notation of "Revision A" on the front. Anyone know what gives with that? Have any of the cartoons been upgraded???
  2. John Whittle

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    Mar 22, 2004
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    I've only spot checked a few on disc one, but in general they seem to be in better shape with better titles than the previous version.

    Remember that these are "pd" and thus the prints are release prints from various collectors. In short, don't expect anywhere near the quality from WB on the Looney Toons or Disney Treasures.

    It's too bad these elements have suffered as such, but alas that's one of the downsides to non-copyright renewal--no one to care for the elements and no one to go to for the best quality pre-print materials (even if they have it, most of the time they won't release it since the competition can put out the same version).

    If you missed the last disc, this is a better buy. I have both and feel the "revision A" is a vast improvement.

  3. Marvin

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    I have the previous version and there's a glitch on one disc where it keeps repeating one cartoon, if I remember correctly. Someone else reported this on Amazon so it wasn't just my copy.

    I assume they've corrected this in the new version.

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