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May 22, 1999
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I don't know how this licensing thing works... whether Criterion comes to Paramount requesting they be able to release certain titles, or whether Paramount provides Criterion with a list of films it would be willing to license out.

Hoping that it works more along the lines of the former, I would then also hope that Paramount would be amenable to Blu-ray releases of some of its catalog by Criterion. If Paramount has no plans to make them available on its own label, I would offer suggestions for the licensing of the following to Criterion for special editions and, if possible, Blu-ray editions:

DON'T LOOK NOW (This would be a worthy addition to the existing Nicolas Roeg series already available from Criterion, and it badly needs a remaster and some decent supplements. Roeg is still very much alive...hint, hint). Blu-ray would serve this film beautifully.

THE DUELLISTS (One of the dozen or two most beautifully photographed color films, and a Ridley Scott effort to boot). Cries out for high definition.

DRAGONSLAYER (An incredibly popular film on video, but one which has sadly never had any supplementary material attached to it. I'd love to watch an in-depth documentary showing behind-the-scenes shots of the creation of the creature at I.L.M. and a demonstration of the go-motion technique. A director/cast commentary would be entirely possible, excepting Ralph Richardson. An isolated score would really be fine, considering the Alex North score has been out of print for ages). How glorious this would be on Blu-ray!

HATARI (Blu-ray release)
TRUE GRIT (Blu-ray release)
NAKED PREY (Blu-ray release)
Ohy, heck, this list could go on and on.

But as Criterion seems to have the capacity to release only one Paramount title every two or three months, I can only hope the titles I've mentioned would surface at some point.


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Sep 29, 2003
I completely agree with your first three choices, particularly Dragonslayer which is a long time favourite of mine and a much under-appreciated film I think.

I was thrilled to see the Paramount DVD of this title a few years ago but, like you, wished it contained some behind the scenes features on the superb "Go-Motion" FX.

As for a director/cast commentary, that would be very welcome also, but unfortunately it wouldn't be just Richardson missing from the main cast...Caitlin Clarke & John Hallam are gone too.

I have the Alex North CD soundtrack - a real treasure in my collection - but a complete isolated score track would be wonderful!

Oh, and I'd double dip on "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" on Blu too.

Charles H

Jan 7, 2004
Criterion certainly seems interested in taking on the more provocative titles from the Paramount catalogue (e.g. WHITE DOG and ACE IN THE HOLE). The most provocative title in the Paramount's post-1950 titles is Leo McCarey's MY SON JOHN. Notorious for its pro-McCarthy sympathies during the Cold War era, MSJ is also a fascinating look at family dynamics in the post WWII era, and remember that McCarey also directed MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW (an MCA title that Mike Clark listed as among the most conspicuously MIA titles on dvd). Beyond the obvious political implications, MY SON JOHN is of interest in how McCarey purloined outtakes from Hitchcock's STRANGERS ON A TRAIN in order to compensate for Robert Walker's sudden death. Editing ingenuity before the days of Blue Screen. Walker gives as great a performance even in a truncated role as he did in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and certainly would be worthy of a posthumous Oscar for both roles.

Would also love to see LOVE WITH A PROPER STRANGER (sad that Edie Adams and Robert Mulligan passed away recently and that any possible commentary would have to be academic). And any of the Stanwyck noirs (NO MAN OF HER OWN and THE FILE ON THELMA JORDAN).


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Jul 19, 2002
Love With The Proper Stranger.If I had an alternate choice it would be...
Love With The Proper Stranger.
Another title I wouldn't mind seeing is Love with The Proper Stranger. Why this hasn't been released on a format almost 12 years old now is beyond my pitiful human powers of comprehension. In either scenario that the OP listed above it should easily bbe able to make the cut. If Paramount didn't think enough of it to release it in between yearly rereleases of Breakfast At Tiffanys, then surely Criterion should have realized the potency of a Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen film that's also critically well liked? Wtf.
Another one that Criterion could embellish to good effect (with supplemental content) would be Looking For Mr Goodbar. A $50 msrp for a special 'deluxe' edition could go a ways to paying the sadly outrageous music licensing cost that are generally accepted as holding this title back.

Timothy E

Jul 20, 2007
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Timothy Ewanyshyn
How about Gunn (1967) starring Craig Stevens, Ed Asner, and Sherry Jackson? Great Henry Mancini soundtrack, written by Blake Edwards and William Peter Blatty, and directed by Blake Edwards.

This has never been released officially on VHS or DVD, and there is an uncensored international cut with nude footage of Sherry Jackson that was edited from the domestic cut.


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Jan 24, 2007
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Karine Philippot
I would go with an Eclipse series of the Paramount owned Dieterle films such as the fabulous noir "The Accused" (49), his popular romance "September Affair" (50) and the pseudo-suburban noir, but mostly tearjerking Paid in Full (50). They would be tailor-made for the Eclipse series.

Jeff Willis

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Jan 1, 2005
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One that I'm waiting for (Std DVD) is the 1948 noir "I Walk Alone" (Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott). Heck, if this one is ever released on BR & not Std, then I'd cave in & get one of those Region-Free BR Players :D


Aug 13, 2005
Well the following are all forthcoming according to various sources:

Downhill Racer
Face to Face
The Confession
The Wedding March
Box of Sternberg Silents

I'm sure there are tons more...but it seems that Criterion is targeting those films that have not had a DVD release, with only Spy and Days of Heaven being the exceptions so far.

Samson and Deliah maybe? Cecil DeMille already has one Criterion to his name (King of Kings), plus it's notable for bringing the religous epics back into vogue, never been released on dvd. Have not seen it...but it sounds fun.

Bob Graham

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May 11, 2001
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Bob Graham
I'm not sure if Paramount owns this or just released it, but I would vote for Nicholas Ray's THE SAVAGE INNOCENTS. It's available in R2 from Masters of Cinema, but I think this would be a great title for Criterion to handle.


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Jun 20, 2004
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Richard W
Plenty of good suggestions here.

Good news if its true. The Wedding March is not on my list of wants but the rest are high up there. Has there been any indication of a schedule? I've heard rumors that Face to Face has been coming for years, but it never does.

chas speed

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Jan 28, 2007
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The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. It's a widescreen film that's never even been shown on TV letterboxed and it's never come out on DVD in the U.S.

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