Smokey and the Bandit

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    The following are mistakes as noted on Movie (in bold) -- my comments follow this list
    1. Sheriff Buford T. Justice gets out of his car and leaves the door open. A few moments later, we see a different shot of the car with the door closed. Then a truck drives by and tears the car door off which is open again.
    2. Every time they show how fast the car is driving, there's fewer miles on the odometer...
    3. In one scene where the Bandit and the Snowman are on there way to pick up the beer, you can see Frog (Sally Field) riding with the Bandit. They did not pick up Frog (Sally Field) until after they were on there way back to Atlanta.
    4. When sheriff Justice stops the kids in the van, his gun belt keeps appearing and disappearing.
    5. When the Bandit first pulls over and picks up Sally Field, then he screeches off, if you look at the road you can see all the skid marks from where they practised it, even down to the bit where the van pulls out of the junction and the bandit brakes suddenly then speeds off.
    6. When Bandit decides to turn himself in, and Snowman objects, you can see that Jerry Reed is not wearing gloves. When they are entering the fairgrounds, and they show the entry through the windshield from the back of the cab, the person driving the tractor is wearing gloves.
    7. At the beginning of the movie, during the song, a train is coming when the bandit slams on his brakes. But he doesn't hit the brakes, instead he stepped on the gas.
    8. There is a scene that is filmed with a camera mounted outside the passenger door of the Trans AM as it is being driven. Frog is in the passenger seat, Bandit is driving. Look at the bottom of the screen at the reflection in the car door. The camera is clearly visible.
    When Sally Field exclaims,"Are we really doing 110?" the speedometer in the Trans Am is reading 70 mph. The speedometer does in fact read 110, approximately on the blue kilometers/hr scale that is. Sally Field doesn't specify the units, therefore her line is perfectly acceptable.
    I fail to spot #3
    More mistakes
    1. When the kids in the van are at the car (scene from the front of the car) doesn't reveal the police car that is right behind them in the very next shot.
    2. (Same scene) The kids hear the lighter shut but not the car driving up?
    3. (One more in this scene) Buford asks the kid for the plates (Georgia -- BAN-ONE) --- just an hour or so after purchasing a new car he already has special plates?
    4. Since I mentioned NEW CAR, upon arriving to pick up the Coors -- the passenger high-beam is already out? when it was on just moments earlier.
    5. When Reed is on the forklift and Reynolds hits the beer, Reed falls on empty boxes.
    6. (Refer to my #5) You also hear bottles breaking!
    7. When Sally loses the wedding dress, Reed is not to far behind yet when they pass the cop 'taking a leak on the side of the road' -- Where's the truck?
    8. Speaking of wedding dress, Reed asks "Is she wearing a wedding dress" when she's already got it off and he can't see it.
    9. To start the first chase scene the cop is "on the side of the road taking a leak", the cop car is facing off-road, and Bandit is doing 70+ (refer to 'Misconceptions') yet he catches up in 15 seconds.
    10. When the 'leaking' cop is on the side of the road he's got a Pontiac, when he turns on the dirt road it's a Plymouth, when he wrecks it's a Pontiac again!
    11. (refer to listed mistake #2) When they pick up Sally and when Buford is on his tail in Arkansas -- the odometer reading is the same and so is the speed he's going
    12. Where's Buford when Reynolds is trying to get around the truck?
    13. After being hit by Reed, there's no dent in the passenger side of Bufords cruiser in further scenes until he takes the top of the car off where the rear 1/4 is completely missing (Also note: A black sheriff in Arkansas in '78?)
    14. In the close ups of Burt & Sally 'doing 70', why doesn't the scenery go by at 70?
    15. At the 'choke & puke' Buford sure does get his order quick! --- Order it, turn around to yell at his son, turn back around & there it is
    16. The football scene reveals a clean, angled cut on the drivers A-pillar which is shorter than the clean, level cut drivers B-pillar and the passenger pillars completely gone as well as ZERO broken glass
    17. When Bandit is getting gas in Mississippi, Bufords cruiser is on a jack yet he is stiil in the car?
    18. (refer to #17) When Buford pulls forward he hits the car in front of him -- in the next shot he is on top of the car he hit
    19. Mississippi road-block (just after the on-the-jack scene) consists of 3 Mopar cruisers, after he gets around them a Pontiac backs over the bank which then returns to being a Mopar once it's over the bank
    20. How did the tow truck beat the sheriff to the cop in the water?
    21. The old lady that warns the Bandit about the fender bender is standing in an impossible location --- she would have to be going through the dash, straddling the steering wheel, and - Where is her windshield?
    22. When he is 'in the rocking chair' there's a camera shot through the windshield that reveals an empty road behind him
    23. Despite hitting several objects throughout the movie (mailboxes, bleachers, 2 jumps, a chain) the Trans Am remains undamaged
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    Jonathan Perregaux
    Biggest mistake: no special edition DVD.
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    I agree where is the special edition for this one, and Cannonball Run. Both of those films bring back very fond memories of younger days.
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    THAT many mistakes? Man! And Hal Needham is known as such a GREAT director! [​IMG]
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    Referring to mistake #7 (from the site)

    The shot of the truck locking the brakes when he hits the gas is a different truck (or the same truck with different wheels)

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