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    Hi guys first time poster here:)

    This is a great site:)

    Here's my dilema,

    Im building a new house and want to put a smart audio system, 4 ceiling speakers in the living room, 1 stereo speaker in bathroom and 1 in bedroom, 2 speakers outside patio and 5 speakers in my basement with a sub for a surround system. id like to have 2 zones, so i can listen to music anywhere in the house and choose which roooms to send the music to, and while my gf is listening to music id like to have my surround system in basement to watch a movie. but i want to also be able to listen to music downstairs. I'd like a bluetooth enabled system so my guests can connect their smart phones to play music from there phone. How can i achieve this the cheapest way possible? Is it easily done digitally with an app or is that an expensive option? Also do i need an amp in every room?

    my budget is about 3-4k, 5k if i have no other choice but 3 preferably lol

    Thanks for all your help guys.

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    The Denon X3000/4000 would make this a breeze.Onkyo has Bluetooth in the AVR itself starting with the NR626. But it won't be as simple to integrate everything else as the Denon above. What music is this? Most multi-zone AVR, the "zone" is analog. The 3000/4000 are the lowest priced digital zone AVR. Yamaha's digital AVR are another $500-ish.Running your zones is accomplished one of two ways...Let the AVR power the whole thing.Or, your AVR feeds signal to other amps.Both methods are the right way.There are numerous "self-contained" whole home audio systems that are fed from a central spot. These go from basic analog controls that have 1/8th inputs(Just like your ipad/cell phone/ tablet/computer have as outputs) to bluetooth/WiFi LCD controls in every room that can be controlled individually...or as one.You have to find a local mom/pop installer that has a multi-room set for demo(forget Best Buy).

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