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Smallville S3 finale "Covenant" 5/19/2004 (1 Viewer)

Jonathan Carter

Supporting Actor
Jul 7, 2003
Haha, I had forgotten all about that debacle. What a cheesy, bad show. O'Connell usually slowly and ever so awkwardly floated to the rescue as opposed to flying there.

Inspector Hammer!

Senior HTF Member
Mar 15, 1999
Houston, Texas
Real Name
John Williamson
Alright, I know that I am insanly late to this party, but I just now finished the third season on dvd and am continually amazed at this show, and indeed I loved this finale!

As one member stated, the season finales of this show are intense, and the wait for the next season is almost unbearable! I am in a MOSTLY fortunate position of experiencing this show exclusively on dvd, because I did not watch it for the first two seasons on the WB. This both a blessing and a curse because i'm doomed to never catching up with the first run broadcasts.

I love the dvd's so much that I will not watch the show on the WB, I hate the commercials and I hate that it's open matted on tv.

Anyway, I sorta knew something was off about Kara when she wasted that poor dude in the truck at the beginning. I suspected that she might be from Krypton, but that she must be a Kryptonian villian, much like 'Ursa' in Superman II. I also thought that her arrival was very reminicent of Terminator 3, too similar actually, but that was a small quibble in an otherwise great episode.

I, too don't put any stock in Kara's comment about Clark's flying ability, at least from Clark's POV. As soon as he realizes that Kra was a fraud, he probably just dismissed that comment as nonsense, coming from someone who didn't know what she was talking about.

Regarding the endng montage and Chloe, it is in the best tradition of comics and Saturday afternoon serials that it at first appears that someone is doomed, only to have them narrowly escape at the last second. I don't count that as lazy writing in that context, it's just keeping with comic book tradition and sensabilities.

I am purposly avoiding the other threads on the show in fear that they will reveal some things I don't want to know yet about season 4. Anyone know when that will come out on dvd? Not too long I hope, this show is so addicting!

One last thing, before I found out Kara wasn't Kryptonian, I litterally said OUT LOUD "If this is how women look on Krypton, i'm on the wrong freaking planet!" She was shockingly hot!

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