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size does matter??? or does it not? (1 Viewer)

Robert Mayrand

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 4, 2001
A recent post saying that a 36" isn't just big enough got me thinking again and kind of laugh a little!. Too often someone will ask for a size tv and guys will respond just something like that, or suggest a size bigger. As a consumer and help seeker this is often very frustrating. My opinion on this is that if you are really a movie lover, you could very well enjoy a film in mono on a 5" screen. Of course the experience isn't exactly the same but a great film won't suffer from such an handicap, on the other hand a bad film basing is interest only on sound effect and extreme visual won't be watchable on such a device. Since I'm among the one who gets a kick just by reading a script i think that i can be satisfied with almost any size tv. I watched some letterbox film on 12", 19", 27" and 36" and i enjoyed every bit of it. The only advice I think we should get is respect you budget and keep some money for dvd......and maybe in the more intrusive suggestion i would accept to give is.........at least just don't go smaller then you have!!

Just my 2 cents!

Kimmo Jaskari

Feb 27, 2000
Definitely a point, and there is a rule that we should try to stick to the topic. If someone asks which 36-incher to get, that's the info they want, not the opinion that it's not enough.

I'm guilty of messages like that myself, but its very hard to not give your opinion on something like that if you feel the person buying is making a mistake - especially if you have already done that and would like to spare them from doing it.

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