Sixteen Candles Soundtrack ?

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    I have a question about the Sixteen Candles soundtrack. I know that the theatrical and video soundtrack are different. What's shown on television seems to be the theatrical version. I haven't watched it for a while, but I believe the dvd version also uses the video soundtrack. I much prefer the theatrical soundtrack and was majorly disappointed in this respect with the dvd release. I've never owned the LD version. Anyone know which version is on the LD - theatrical or video?
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    To add more confusion to the pot, the film has had different "rescored" soundtracks on VHS and Laserdisc. I have not watched the DVD so I do not know which soundtrack it contains, but I owned two VHS printings of the film over the years and their soundtracks differed. The later VHS issue had some songs from the theatrical release "restored" to it, while other songs from the theatrical release present on the earlier VHS issue were now rescored on the later VHS reissue. I believe, having the LD in my hands several times, but never viewing it, that it had the same soundtrack as that of the original VHS release.

    Some examples: David Bowie's "Young Americans" appears on the theatrical soundtrack as well as the later VHS issue. It does not appear on the earlier VHS tape.

    The opening theme music is different on the two VHS tapes. I do not know which, if any, appeared in the theatrical version.

    "The Twilight Zone Theme" plays during one of the early scenes with the grandparents in the theatrical version and later VHS version. A different tune plays in the old VHS.

    I haven't watched these in awhile so I'm not remembering all the details. But I do believe there were also a few examples of theatrical release songs appearing on the old VHS and not on the new VHS.


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