Set-up of Sony DVD Home Theatre System DAV-TZ510

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by ann1015, Apr 26, 2011.

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    I need some help please. I need to get my home theatre set up to recognize my blu-ray player. Everything is working fine until I added the blu-ray. I can only get a picture but no sound. The equipment involved is as follows:

    Sony TV - KDL46EX600

    Sony Blu-ray BDP-S370

    Sony Home Theatre - DAV-TZ510

    Here is the hookup.

    1. Rogers Hd box to tv with HDMI

    2. Home theatre system with red/yellow/white cable from rogers hd box to Home theatre and the home theatre is connected to tv with HDMI cable.

    3. Blu-ray is connected directly to tv with HDMI cable.

    The home theatre only has one HDMI out and it has video out.

    The blu-ray has audio out and digital out both coaxial and optical and one HDMI out jack.

    When I try to sync(which sony says it will do) it doesn't recognize the blu ray player. When I change the home theatre system to dvd, it only reads that dvd on its system.
    Then when I try to switch back to using the tv speakers to play sound on the blu ray player I get no sound. I tried using the red/white cables and connecting direct to the from the blu ray, but still no sound. I really would like to play my blu ray discs or will this be impossible?

    Please help me if you can.
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    Your Sony home theater is a very self-contained unit, so it will not be possible to get any of the Blueray signals to the HT.

    The connection from the bluray to the TV should work right out of the box, so this is confusing. I assume you've connected the bluray using the HDMI-out to one of the TV HDMI-ins, (let's say HDMI-2). You select HDMI-2 from the remote. What do you see on the TV?

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